The Association of Magazine Media

MPA Digital: Social Media

Event Information
December 13, 2012
Time & Life Building
1271 Avenue of the Americas @ 51st Street
New York, NY 10019

MPA Digital: Social Media is a special half-day conference designed especially for magazine media executives. It focuses on how magazine brands can use social media platforms to drive brand awareness, create better engagement with the audience, sell subscriptions, and develop stronger ties with advertisers. The conference will examine Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets that have fundamentally altered the way people communicate and interact. It will look at the impact of social media on major content and consumer brands. The conference will explore the challenges posed by social media to magazines as well as the opportunities.

MPA will unveil its industry-first consumer survey of user sentiment towards the leading digital newsstands across the leading mobile platforms. Join MPA’s Vice President of Digital, Ethan Grey, for a review of the results and a special panel of industry experts.

Bonus Panel: “The Future of Digital Newsstands”

Digital newsstands are where readers discover and download most magazine media content, but what does the future hold for the digital corner news shop?  Join Sean Bumgarner, Interactive Design Director, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention, Jim Meigs, Editor-In-Chief, Popular Mechanics and Steve Baer, Partner & Head of Creative Strategy, Code & Theory, as they explore how newsstands will evolve across mobile, web and point of purchase.