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Associate Member Spotlight: Media Carrier


Philipp J. Jacke
Managing Director, Media Carrier

Philipp J. Jacke has specialised for around ten years in media distribution within Munich based MELO Group in various positions.In May 2013 he took over as Managing Director of Media Carrier, which specialises in digital media. The young member of the Group has experienced dynamic growth and made an international name for itself as a supplier of individual solutions with quality content and now serving more than 120 million airline passengers a year. Prominent companies throughout the world from different sectors, including the Mandarin Oriental hotel group and Lufthansa, rely on Media Carrier’s expertise.

After studying economics, Jacke began his professional career in Lufthansa’s New York office. From there he joined a private equity company in Munich before moving to media distribution. He was born in 1978 and is married with two daughters.

1) How does your company partner with MPA members to help them succeed?

Media Carrier opens up globally new high-end distribution channels in the travel industry which publishers can't access by themselves. We provide airlines (such as the Lufthansa Group or Virgin Atlantic) and five star hotels with international quality content. In this way Media Carrier finds new and relevant readers for publishers and provides global visibility.

2) What challenges or uncertainties do you see on the horizon for the industry?

Print is diminishing but will never be dead! Nevertheless the industry and its existing infrastructure will be facing tremendous game changers in the near future. Production, consumption and payment for content have to be redefined and adapted to new behavior and opportunities.
3) What had the greatest impact on your business this year?

Definitely the roll out of our e-paper service to Lufthansa Group and the replacement of print copies as well as the approval of several international auditing institutes (AAM, ABC UK, IVW Germany)! We are expanding to further well known airlines and major hotel groups all around the world and thus continuously improving our foot print around the globe.
4) If you were a magazine brand, which would you be and why? 

Every type has its magic - from top-selling glossy to the independent niche magazine. And we have the readers for them...

5) Is there anything we haven’t asked you today that you wish we had?

What are your expectations from MPA membership?
Being very successful in Europe doesn't automatically mean success in the states. But as we have proven, Media Carrier is a trustful and reliable partner for publishers all over the globe, not stipulating rules but rather developing new distribution channels together with publishers in accordance to market individualities. MPA as a superb platform to get in contact, interact and discuss with publishers these new opportunities.