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Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
The New Yorker 2016 Feature Writing Winner David Remnick, Editor
Seventeen 2016 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Michelle Tan, Editor in Chief
Harper's Magazine 2016 Fiction Finalist Ellen Rosenbush, Editor
GQ 2016 Design Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief, Fred Woodward, Design Director
Bloomberg Businessweek 2016 Website Finalist Ellen Joan Pollock, Editor, Jared Sandberg, Executive Editor, Bloomberg Digital
The Huffington Post 2016 Public Interest Finalist Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief
GQ 2016 Magazine Section Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief
The California Sunday Magazine 2016 Feature Photography Finalist Douglas McGray, Editor in Chief, Jacqueline Bates, Photography Director
T: The New York Times Style Magazine 2016 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Deborah Needleman, Editor in Chief
The New Yorker 2016 Fiction Finalist David Remnick, Editor
New York 2016 Design Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, Thomas Alberty, Design Director
New York 2016 Website Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, Ben Williams, Editor, Digital
The Huffington Post Highline 2016 Public Interest Finalist Greg Veis and Rachel Morris, Executive Editors
New York 2016 Magazine Section Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
New York 2016 Feature Photography Finalist Adam Moss, Editor
Backpacker 2016 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Dennis Lewon, Editor in Chief
Zoetrope: All-Story 2016 Fiction Winner Michael Ray, Editor
The Pitchfork Review 2016 Design Finalist Jessica Hopper, Editor in Chief, Michael Renaud, Creative Director for Winter and Spring, Molly Butterfoss, Art Director for Summer
Refinery29 2016 Website Finalist Christene Barberich, Global Editor in Chief and Co-Founder
The Intercept 2016 Public Interest Finalist Betsy Reed, Editor in Chief