American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
National Journal 2015 Public Interest Finalist Richard Just, Editor; Andie Coller, Acting Editor
Nautilus 2015 General Excellence (Literature, Science and Politics) Winner Michael Segal, Editor in Chief
Refinery29 2015 Website Finalist Christene Barberich, Editor in Chief and Founding Partner; Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director and Founding Partner
Bon Appétit 2015 Photography Finalist Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief; Alex Grossman, Creative Director; Alex Pollack, Photography Director
New York 2015 Columns and Commentary Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
Harper's Magazine 2015 Feature Photography Finalist Ellen Rosenbush, Editor
The California Sunday Magazine 2015 Design Finalist Douglas McGray, Editor in Chief; Leo Jung, Creative Director; Jacqueline Bates, Photography Director
Pacific Standard 2015 Public Interest Winner Maria Streshinsky, Editor in Chief
Virginia Quarterly Review 2015 General Excellence (Literature, Science and Politics) Finalist W. Ralph Eubanks, Editor; Paul Reyes, Deputy Editor
Men's Health 2015 General Excellence (Active Interest) Winner Bill Phillips, Vice President and Editor in Chief
GQ 2015 Photography Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief; Fred Woodward, Design Director; Krista Prestek, Director of Photography
The Oxford American 2015 Columns and Commentary Finalist Roger D. Hodge, Editor
Matter 2015 Feature Photography Finalist Mark Lotto, Editor in Chief
Harper's Bazaar 2015 Design Finalist Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief; Elizabeth Hummer, Design Director
Slate 2015 Public Interest Finalist Julia Turner, Editor in Chief
Bloomberg Businessweek 2015 Magazine Section Finalist Josh Tyrangiel, Editor
Outside 2015 General Excellence (Active Interest) Finalist Christopher Keyes, Vice President and Editor
Harper's Bazaar 2015 Photography Finalist Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief; Stephen Gan, Creative Director; Liane Radel, Photography and Bookings Director
Texas Monthly 2015 Columns and Commentary Finalist Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief, for February and April; Brian D. Sweany, Editor in Chief, for July
New York 2015 Feature Photography Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief