American Society of Magazine Editors

Most Recent Winners & Finalists

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Smithsonian 2016 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Michael Caruso, Editor in Chief
New York 2016 Photography Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, Jody Quon, Photography Director
Runner's World 2016 Multimedia Finalist David Willey, Editor in Chief, Chris Kraft, Site Director
Wired 2016 Personal Service Finalist Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief
The New Yorker 2016 Reporting Finalist David Remnick, Editor
New York 2016 General Excellence (News, Sports & Entertainment Magazines) Winner Adam Moss, Editor in Chief, Jared Hohlt, Editor, Print, Ben Williams, Editor, Digital
GQ 2016 Essays & Criticism Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief
Tablet Magazine 2016 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Alana Newhouse, Editor in Chief
Vanity Fair 2016 Photography Finalist Graydon Carter, Editor, Susan White, Photography Director
Slate 2016 Multimedia Finalist Julia Turner, Editor in Chief
Bon Appétit 2016 Leisure Interests Finalist Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief
Rolling Stone 2016 Reporting Finalist Jann S. Wenner, Editor and Publisher, Will Dana, Managing Editor
The New York Times Magazine 2016 General Excellence (News, Sports & Entertainment Magazines) Finalist Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief
Matter 2016 Essays & Criticism Finalist Mark Lotto, Editor in Chief
Poetry 2016 Essays & Criticism Finalist Don Share, Editor
Aperture 2016 General Excellence (Literature, Science and Politics) Finalist Michael Famighetti, Editor
WSJ. 2016 Photography Finalist Kristina O'Neill, Editor in Chief, Magnus Berger, Creative Director, Jennifer Pastore, Photography Director
GQ 2016 Video Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief
Eater 2016 Leisure Interests Winner Amanda Kludt, Editor in Chief
Bicycling 2016 Feature Writing Finalist Bill Strickland, Editor in Chief