American Society of Magazine Editors

Networking & Events


Members-Only Event
Join ASME NEXT for a tour of the TIME Video Studios and a conversation with Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief, Dan Macsai, Senior Editor, and Kelly Conniff, Assistant Managing Editor

ASME NEXT Digital Workshop

One-day seminar at Twitter for early-career editors on digital fundamentals

Sessions include:
Writing and Editing for the Web | Using Analytics | Visual Storytelling | Longform for the Web | E-Commerce Best Practices Plus Live Video and How to Monetize It | Twitter Moments | Intro to Twitter Departments | Tweetdeck Tutorial

ASME NEXT Seminar: Reporting 101 With People Magazine

Join ASME NEXT for after-work seminars on journalism fundamentals

ASME NEXT Talks With Jay Fielden

Join ASME NEXT for a conversation with Esquire's editor in chief Jay Fielden, followed by an evening of networking.