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Does Better Measurement Benefit the Medium?

The authors sought to find relationships between improvements to currency measures for traditional media in the US and UK (newspapers, magazines, television and radio) and spending in the measured media.  The analysis utilized historic data on ad spending beginning in 1963, collected a history of measurement for each medium, and developed a relative growth index to indicate whether the medium for which measurement improved outperformed the traditional media average.  The authors conclude there is limited evidence to support their hypothesis.  In the US, over the roughly 50 year time span, out of more than 20 significant improvements to the currency measure, only six instances were found where the medium for which measurement improved increased its share of spending among traditional media within the three years following.  None of these instances involved magazines or newspapers.  (PDRF)

Rebecca McPheters, McPheters & Company, and Dr. Scott McDonald, Conde Nast USA
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