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—Iconic Publication Celebrates 70th Anniversary—

Washington, DC (March 7, 2017)—Seventy years ago, in 1947, a new kind of journalism was born: personal finance for the American family. From mutual funds to mortgages, from best cell phone plans to saving for college, Kiplinger’s hasn’t wavered from its original mission “to provide trustworthy advice that real people can act on to take control of their finances.”

“Because we are a family-owned company, we take that mission personally,” said Janet Bodnar, editor, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

The anniversary issue’s cover story, titled 70 Ways to Build Wealth, provides time-tested advice about how to seed a savings account that will grow over a lifetime; make the most of employer incentives; maintain a top-tier credit score, and much more.

“Providing useful advice to the American people for 70 years has been more than just a business for those of us in the Kiplinger family and to our colleagues here,” said editor in chief Knight Kiplinger. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing from longtime readers that our counsel has helped their families achieve real financial security.”

As part of the cover story, Knight Kiplinger offers his own “10 Timeless Tips”:

  • Wealth creation isn’t a matter of what you earn. It’s how much of it you save.
  • Your biggest barrier to becoming rich is living like you’re rich before you are.
  • Pay yourself first.
  • No one ever got into trouble by borrowing too little.
  • Conspicuous consumption will make you inconspicuously poor.
  • The key to stock market success isn’t your timing of the market. It’s your time in the market—the longer the better.
  • Diversify, because every asset has its day in the sun—and its day in the doghouse
  • Keep a cool head when others are losing theirs.
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make unhappiness easier to bear.
  • Sharing your wealth with others is more fun than spending it on yourself.

Today Kiplinger reaches more than six million wealthy, money-savvy individuals each month across all platforms. The special 70th anniversary issue is available on newsstands now.

About Kiplinger
For nine decades, the Kiplinger organization has led the way in personal finance and business forecasting. Founded in 1920 by W.M. Kiplinger, the company developed one of the nation's first successful newsletters in modern times. The Kiplinger Letter, launched in 1923, remains the longest continuously published newsletter in the United States. In 1947, Kiplinger created the nation's first personal finance magazine. is the fastest growing Web site in the personal finance space. Located in the heart of our nation's capital, the Kiplinger editors remain dedicated to delivering sound, unbiased advice for your family and your business in clear, concise language. Become a fan of Kiplinger on Facebook or and follow Kiplinger on Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.


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