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NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO - In its mission to inspire, enable, and guide discerning travelers to deeper, richer, and more fulfilling experiences, AFAR introduced its newest tool, Trip Planner.

AFAR's Trip Planner is a significant step towards fulfilling the company's vision of seamlessly converting inspiration into action for the world's most frequent and discerning travelers. In a world where travelers have an almost infinite access to content, and booking travel is one click away, AFAR built its trip planner to help bring travelers closer to deeper experiences.

AFAR Media pioneered the saving of its travel recommendations into customized lists when it launched Place Pages (i.e. places to eat, drink, stay, do, and shop). Today's evolution expands its trip planner capabilities by making the saving of travel content easier and more useful for its 78,000+ places and 3,000+ articles and slideshows. Travelers can now 'one-click save' all content across, including places, lists, articles, and slideshows.

In addition, travelers can arrange their trip plan into days, add notes, and create custom items unique to their trip. The new bookmarking browser tool allows travelers to clip travel recommendations, points of interest, and other practical information from around the web into their AFAR trip plans.

"We know travelers visit multiple sites when planning trips," said AFAR's CTO, Derek Butcher"Our goal was to make sure they could save content from around the web in one place that converts inspiration into action. In doing so we've vastly expanded trip planning capabilities for AFAR travelers."

The product has been in beta for the last month. Mr. Butcher confirmed that feedback from testers was overwhelmingly positive, with most comments focused on the ease of saving travel recommendations into lists, making trip planning easier and more organized. "We designed Trip Planner to make saving travel recommendations easier and more useful for our audience. We're excited that Trip Planner is bringing experience closer to our audience than ever before," commented Butcher.

The AFAR Trip Planner is sponsored by American Express Travel and made possible by their commitment to cultivating meaningful experiences.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017