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What brings Frozen’s Anna and Elsa to Storybrooke?

The behind-the-scenes scoop!

Issue Date:  September 22, 2014
On Sale date:  September 18, 2014

The film and the series do seem perfect for a mash-up. Once Upon a Time had already played host to a wide array of Disney favorites, from Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs to Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Maleficent, and Mulan. Why not bring on those wildly popular Frozen sibs, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, and give them a cool new story in Storybrooke?

Though the 11-episode Frozen arc—featuring former Fringe star Georgina Haig as Elsa and fresh-from-college newcomer Elizabeth Lail as Anna—will officially launch with the season premiere, fans got an early glimpse of Elsa in last May’s cliffhanger as she emerged out of Rumplestiltskin’s urn and into the real-life village of Storybrooke, leaving an ominous trail of ice crystals in her wake. Now she’s heading for a meltdown.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014