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1961 Winner Martha Stewart Gave the Keynote Speech

Today Glamour celebrated the winners of this year’s College Women of the Year competition at an intimate luncheon at La Sirena in New York City. Presented by L’Oreal Paris and hosted by Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive and Chief Business Officer Kim Kelleher, the luncheon was an exciting networking opportunity for these incredible young women who are trailblazers in the fields of media, politics, fashion, entertainment, business, and science. Martha Stewart, a College Woman of the Year in 1961, gave the keynote speech. Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, Yahoo News global anchor Katie Couric, Public School cofounders Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, model and activist Cameron Russell, pastry chef and Women’s March global co-coordinator Breanne Butler, CEO of Epibone Nina Tandon, The Huffington Post editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen, New York City commissioner for International Affairs Penny Aberwardena, and filmmaker and Women’s March artistic director Paola Mendoza all gathered to toast the winners.

Glamour’s College Women of the Year competition recognizes students from across the country for campus leadership, scholastic achievement, community involvement, and unique, inspiring goals. This 60th anniversary year, Glamour selected Mount Holyoke College senior Ellen Chilemba as the $20,000 grand-prize winner for her work helping Malawian women get the tools and training they need to become entrepreneurs through her organization Tiwale. Each of the other winners received a cash prize, a trip to New York City, introductions to top professionals in a variety of fields, national recognition in the magazine, and hair styling and makeup for the awards ceremony luncheon compliments of L’Oréal Paris. Additionally, L’Oréal Paris presented the College Woman of Worth award and cash prize to Samantha Marquez of Yale University for her strong charitable spirit.

Glamour’s 2017 College Women of the Year are listed below, along with their mentors. All 10 honorees are featured in the May issue of Glamour, on newsstands now, and on

Ellen Chilemba (Mount Holyoke College) mentored by Breanne Butler; Sarah Clements (Georgetown University), mentored by Penny Aberwardena; Rebecca Dharmapalan (University of California at Berkeley), mentored by Paola Mendoza; Eli Erlick (Pitzer College), mentored by Katie Couric, Angela Jin (Boston College) and Nishiki Maredia (The University of Texas at Austin) mentored by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne; Marjorie Kirk (University of Kentucky), mentored by Lydia Polgreen; Samantha Marquez (Yale University) mentored by Nina Tandon; Kia Nurse (University of Connecticut) mentored by Robin Roberts; Destiny Watford (Towson University), mentored by Cameron Russell

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Select quotes from the luncheon are below.

Martha Stewart, keynote speaker, on her advice to the CWOTY winners…

“Change will always be good…One of my mottos is ‘When you’re through changing, you’re through.’ You have to adapt, you have to be an optimist, you have to think positively as much as you can. Things will work out eventually if enough of us are optimistic.”

Maxwell Osborne, co-founder of Public School on the importance of mentors…

“When we started Public School it was always ‘Each one, teach one.’ We live off our mentors and it’s good to pass that on.”

Katie Couric, global news anchor, Yahoo, on her advice to the CWOTY winners…

“Never feel less than. Never feel like you have to apologize or make excuses. I think the bottom line is, I want you all to own your excellence and own your power.”

Dao-Yi Chow, co-founder of Public School on CWOTY winners Angela Jin and Nishiki Maredia…

“Without ambition there is no success.”

Paola Mendoza, filmmaker and co-artistic director of the Women’s March, on art’s impact on the culture…

“We are constantly asking ourselves ‘What can art do during these times?’ I think Rebecca, you and your film are an example of what art needs to and will do. Art can change the culture.”

Penny Abeywardena, New York City Commissioner on International Affairs, on ‘beacons of sanity’…

“As a commissioner I get to be New York City’s ambassador to the global community. And I will say now more than ever, they are looking at New York City, they are looking to the US, as beacons of sanity. And I think the work many of you are doing is definitely one of those beacons of sanity.”

Wednesday, April 26, 2017