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WHO: Good Housekeeping editor-in-chief Jane Francisco welcomed special guests Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos of Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” to celebrate the launch of the Good Housekeeping Kitchen of the Future, powered by Miele, the newest lab in the Good Housekeeping Institute.

WHAT: The Good Housekeeping Kitchen of the Future, powered by Miele, showcases the trends, tech and products that will dominate in future kitchens—including built-in coffee stations, induction ranges, an app-enabled dishwasher that uses minimal water, plus a range of the newest brands and products including a sparkling water faucet and voice activated trashcan.

To add to the celebration of the unveiling of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s newest lab, Jane Francisco held a Q&A with Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos while snacks and libations from their soon-to-be released cookbook Super Tuscan were passed. Debi and Gabriele spoke about their relationship and the “secret sauce” to working together, their new cookbook, Debi’s hit series “Younger,” and their love of food and cooking.


Debi on the start of their relationship: “[Gabriele] started cooking for me and I had never had a guy cook for me before. I always tried to impress the guy and wear the lingerie and cook, and it was too much work. This one could care less what I was wearing and he cooked for me.

Debi on the start of their cooking projects: “Before “Extra Virgin,” we started out with a blog, and I was like, “You're really cute and I'm pregnant so I'm not going to “Entourage” today, so let's shoot some episodes.”

On the “secret sauce” to working with your spouse:

Debi: “Xanax.”
Gabriele: “I have this app on my phone called iPeriod. It really helps.”
Debi: “Alcohol, sex—lots of sex. He has four motorcycles, I have lots of lipsticks…we try to do our own things, and we laugh. We fought a lot during the 6 years we produced “Extra Virgin” because we cared... We call each other out. He calls me on my sh*t, I call him on his sh*t, and it’s working. We like to hold hands. He doesn’t mind when my ass gets too fat and I don’t mind when he gets too skinny. We have opposite issues. We laugh and we have fun with it.”

Gabriele on the power of the kitchen: “What I believe is the secret of the kitchen—the power of the kitchen—is to bring people together and make sure that certain stories don’t get lost… To me, the act of cooking is not necessarily to highlight my capabilities as a chef. It’s more about the sense of versatility that comes from it. For [Debi], it’s always an act of love, the same with the girls, and the same with friends that come to the house.”

On their upcoming cookbook Super Tuscan:

Debi: “It’s really an evolution of the first one. The first one was about how we met, our love, what the basics were in our Tuscan kitchen. It kind of took you on a vacation in a very simple way.
Gabriele: “…And then reality hit and I realized that I have been living here for 16 years and culinary wise, I haven’t forgotten the way I grew up, but I’m finding myself here in America.”
Debi: “The book is great—A Super Tuscan is a blend of different grapes. I felt like I’m the American who married the Tuscan, so that why we called it Super Tuscan.”

Debi on TVLand’s hit series “Younger”: “New season. New girls. [Gabriele’s] happy that I’m not making out with guys. New girlfriend. Great writing this season. Darren Star loves women and I think he uses New York City as a character really well. It deals with ageism and I think it’s a really relevant show for the times we live in. And it’s refreshing. No one’s blowing up, no one’s dying. Well, someone actually did die but, it was one of those tragedy comedy moments.”

WHEN: Tuesday, August 1, 2017

WHERE: The Good Housekeeping Institute

Hearst Tower
300 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019


(Photo credit: William Davila)

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