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Brookfield, WI Sept. 2, 2015 iMoneza, the first intelligent, secure micropayment gateway for digital media has officially launched. The cloud-based solution is designed to help publishers develop a new revenue stream by enhancing their digital business model, charging consumers a small fee (usually $0.10 - $0.50) to read the premium content they desire.

“iMoneza is the future of content on the web,” said Mike Gehl, president and chief executive officer. “Free content should continue to be free when it can be found from multiple sources. The good stuff - the premium content - is valuable and people will pay for it. Most millennials get their news, music, podcasts and T.V. shows from smart phones, and advertising on mobile is really difficult.  Publishers need to uncover innovative ways to create new revenue streams, and iMoneza is a great solution.”

Publishers can keep their web traffic high by offering basic content for free, but they can increase revenue by pricing 15-40% of premium content individually. If readers don’t want to become a subscriber, instead of publishers offering a metered pay wall and risking that readers go elsewhere, the reader can purchase specific content through iMoneza’s digital wallet via a simple one-click payment platform.

The solution “pays for itself,” as iMoneza only gets paid when the publisher generates revenue (iMoneza earns a small percentage).  There is no up-front cost, no monthly fee or any other cost whatsoever. This ensures the publisher will realize a positive return on investment.

Unlike PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Google Pay, iMoneza specializes in these micropayments under $1. iMoneza is able to do this by uniquely aggregating credit card fees, making these micropayments efficient and profitable.

A solution such as iMoneza provides customers with flexibility – and a choice - in how they want to consume their information. “When publishers employ the subscription-only model for content it’s like forcing people to shop at Costco,” Gehl said. “Some people realize the value, but others just don’t need that much mayonnaise! On the other hand, allowing readers to access all of your content for free is like opening the warehouse doors and letting people take what they want for no charge at all!”

iMoneza suggests that publishers charge approximately $0.10 - $0.50 (under $0.50) for unique, premium, and long-form articles. The publisher decides what they consider premium content, and this can vary from music notes in a guitar trade magazine to restaurant reviews in a local business journal.  Recipes, lists of top area physicians and school rankings are popular premium content choices. For example, breaking news of the day would not be considered premium content.

Consumer behavior supports the need for a new way for publishers to sell and market the news. According to a recent study by the Media Insight Project, the average millennial gets 74 percent of his/her news online. In addition, the study notes the major shift from desktop to mobile for news reading. Publishers already have a difficult time growing ad revenues on desktop, and mobile is even more challenging given its limited number of ad positions and size. In addition, Apple will soon be including ad blocking on their browsers, resulting on a significant loss of impressions on mobile phones, especially iPhones. 

Working with iMoneza is simple. Once an account is created, the publisher and iMoneza decide on the strategy, including which articles are considered premium content and should be charged, what the fee will be and also integrating a subscription option. iMoneza takes a small percentage of the revenue earned on the article (there is no other charge). The consumer is prompted to create a "digital wallet" where a minimum of $10 is deposited using a credit card, similar to PayPal or a pre-paid mobile phone card. When the consumer wants to read a premium content story after a prompt, the charge for the article is subtracted from the digital wallet.

"It's a huge selling point if I'm a consumer. I only have to give my credit card out once," Gehl said.

He continued, “People pay for content they need, use and like. It’s a win-win for the publishers as they can create more revenue without assuming any risk.”

About iMoneza

iMoneza is the first intelligent, secure micropayment gateway for digital media. The cloud-based solution is designed to help publishers enhance their digital business models, charging consumers a small fee (approximately $0.10 - $0.25) to read the premium content they desire. For further information please visit or call 1- 855.572.4285.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015