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—Cigar Aficionado Cover Story for February 2017 Issue—

New York, NY (December 19, 2016)A lot has happened since Arnold Schwarzenegger graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado in 1996 and 2003. Now, he is set to enter the realm of reality TV as President-elect Donald Trump’s replacement on NBC’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Ahead of the show’s January 2 premiere, Schwarzenegger sat down with Cigar Aficionado to discuss an assortment of timely topics.

The February cover story of
Cigar Aficionado hits newsstands January 10. Select quotes include:

On replacing Donald Trump: “I did the show for two reasons. I loved watching it. It was a great show that always sucked me in. I thought Trump did a great job with it. When I heard he’d been discontinued, I thought, ‘There’s an interesting show I could host.’ I had never done a reality show and I thought it would be interesting to try. As an actor, you train yourself in the other direction. To do a show like this, there are totally different skills you have to develop, though I’m naturally fast on my feet.”

On filming The Celebrity Apprentice, and working with celebrities including co-star Tyra Banks and contestants Laila Ali, Ricky Williams, Vince Neil and Boy George: “Everyone was, in one way or another, surprising. It depended on what the challenge was, which people would emerge with an interesting talent or connection. When you see a UFC fighter [Chael Sonnen], who is used to fighting and beating up on everybody, and he’s very articulate and sensitive in the way he approaches a certain subject, it surprises you. It gives you a chance to look inside these famous people.”

On what makes him throw up: “When I look in the mirror, I throw up. And I was already so critical of myself, even when I was in top physical shape. I’d look in the mirror after I won one Mr. Olympia after another and think, ‘How did this pile of shit win?’ I never saw perfection. There was always something lack­ing.”

On the media, and his past scandals: “If you run for office, they fling everything at you. There is the media and there are the opponents’ researchers—they all do it. Everyone is taking shots and you cannot be upset because that’s what it is. What’s the saying—if it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen?”

On the environment, and why he didn’t vote for Trump:
“That’s why I did not vote for him. I’m hoping we can all work together to make America a leader in environmental issues. We have to look to the future to find new ways to produce cleaner, renewable energy.”

On being almost 70: “I don’t feel my age. I do everything exactly the same as I did 20 years ago. You do have to be more careful not to injure yourself, more careful with the way you warm up. I’m a little bit more cautious when I ski, with not as much skiing through the trees. But I’m not old yet. When I get to be 90, then I’ll be old.”

On retirement: “Retirement? That’s not happening.”

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Monday, December 19, 2016