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This year, Allure is dedicating four issues to celebrating and investigating a single feature. We started in January with the eyes, followed by the skin in April, and up now is The Hair Guide. The issue is all about hair, from under the radar hair products pros swear by to what to eat to grow amazing hair, and from a look at hair through the decades to “The 25 Best Hair Tips of All Time,” straight from the pro hairstylists who do the coolest waves, best blowouts and sexiest curls. Plus, the issue includes Allure’s Hair Directory, which lists the expert hairstylists and colorists to see for all things hair, from New York City to Los Angeles.

The Hair Guide cover story, “Modern Muses,” features a trio of June cover stars who are redefining beauty: Fei Fei Sun, Fernanda Ly and Soo Joo Park. All at the top of their game, the three models reflect on their signature hairstyles representation of Asian and Asian-American heritage in the industry, and more.

Also notable: in the 327 issues – and over 28 years – prior to this month, there had only been two Asian women on the cover of Allure. For this month’s editor’s letter, Allure editor in chief Michelle Lee writes about the significance of these covers and the importance of inclusivity in beauty:

This June Hair Guide is an important one to me for a variety of reasons. My preteen self couldn’t even fathom seeing an Asian face on the cover of a mainstream magazine or leading a TV show or headlining a movie. So being able to feature three game-changing Asian models, especially after a pretty sad track record, has significant meaning to me...and I hope to you, too.”

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Select quotes from the cover story interviews are below. For the full story and more, visit or pick up a copy of the Hair Guide, on national newsstands May 22.

Fei Fei Sun on her hair:

“I feel the most beautiful with it long and healthy and its natural color.”

Fei Fei Sun on the significance of being the first Chinese woman to appear on the covers of American, Italian, and Japanese Vogue:

“China has an old saying: ‘Flowers are beautiful because the seeing is free.’ We need more and more girls from different countries on the runway and in magazines and in global campaigns.”

Fernanda Ly on her now-signature cotton candy shade:

“Louis Vuitton was the last day of fashion week and the next day literally all the fashion-news headlines were like, ‘Who’s that girl with pink hair?’ And instead of going back home to Australia, I went to New York. Hair is work for me now. When you think pink hair, you think of me.”

Fernanda Ly on identity, the influence she holds and the progress that has been made:

“Australia has so many Asian people, but when I started out, pretty much every model was white. It’s an alienating experience—you feel so physically different. I appeared at the time when everything started to change; people like Lineisy [Montero] and Ruth Bell started to break the norm. I guess I’m the colored-hair version of that for Asian girls.”

Soo Joo Park on sacrificing the silky, straight, virgin black hair she inherited from her mother:

“Going platinum took, like, eight hours and cost maybe two grand. But I really liked the look. It suited my face quite well…. I started booking a lot of jobs and built my career on being bleach blonde.”

Soo Joo Park on how she hopes to use her platform:

“Asian and Asian-American heritage is really heavily underrepresented in the industry, and I want to push for inclusion. We’re the fastest-growing minority in the country, but you hardly ever see one of us on the cover of a major American publication. I just want to think about who I am and what I represent and how I can help other people who are like me.”

Cover Credits:

  • Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
  • Fashion stylist: Beat Bolliger
  • Hair: Malcolm Edwards
  • Makeup: Hiromi Ueda
  • Manicure: Chisato Yamamoto


Jaime Ellyn Marsanico
Communications Director, Allure & Teen Vogue


Tuesday, May 15, 2018