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--Why the Future of Adventure is Female--


Santa Fe, NM (April 11, 2017) - OUTSIDE, America’s preeminent active and adventure lifestyle brand, debuts its first-ever issue featuring women exclusively in the May publication, on newsstands April 11. Dubbed the “XX Factor Issue,” the special production celebrates women who have made history over the course of OUTSIDE’s 40-year run, and shines a light on the issues, athletes, and thinkers who will define Living Bravely for the next generation. The issue was produced entirely by women, with the edit role filled by Deputy Editor Mary Turner, and contributors including Rahawa Haile, Florence Williams, Stephanie Pearson, and photographer Annabel Mehran. Support from an advertising partnership with outdoor retailer REI, who is launching a major women-focused campaign in the May issue, allowed OUTSIDE to go all-in on women’s content.

In addition to the May issue, OUTSIDE’s Women’s Initiative includes more women-centric stories and bylines at Outside Online, an Outlook episode on Outside Television, a podcast series hosted by Florence Williams, and a documentary film produced in partnership with REI, the outdoor co-op.

“There’s never been a more apt time to shine a light on women in the outdoors,” Turner says. “We make up 51 percent of outdoor consumers and half the annual 160 million adventure travelers, and we spend billions on travel and gear each year. We are accomplished athletes pushing the limits of what’s possible—and increasingly beating men. And we are only growing stronger. But let’s be honest: the outdoor industry still has a long way to go before women are represented equally. According to a 2012 study by the women’s advocacy group Camber Outdoors, just 12.5 percent of outdoor companies with sales over $20 million have female CEOs, and women make up only 37 percent of National Park Service employees.”

A critically important partner in making OUTSIDE’s women-focused issue possible is REI, which launched its own women-focused “Force of Nature” effort to empower women to step outside and experience the outdoors. “REI’s bold message, along with its company-wide commitment and multiple initiatives speaking to women, is setting a powerful example for the rest of industry,” Turner says.

“We launched this partnership with OUTSIDE to shine a light on the amazing things women are doing in the outdoors,” said Laura Swapp, REI director of next gen marketing. “Their story is under-told right now, and it’s created the misperception that women aren’t welcome or equal outside. REI is setting out to change that through an effort we call Force of Nature.”

Issue Highlights:

The New Icons: A special gatefold cover of 10 women and interior portraits with short profiles on each, honoring the women who are leading the way in sports, health, and activism. Based all over the world, these leaders—including soccer legend Abby Wambach, skier Lindsey Vonn, and mountaineer Melissa Arnot Reid, who recently summited Mount Everest without using oxygen—gathered in Los Angeles for a photo shoot in February.

Girl Scouts: The Next Generation of Rippers: For almost a century, joining the Girl Scouts has been the path for junior explorers seeking adventure. But what comes after the Thin Mints and crafts badges? OUTSIDE contributor Florence Williams joins a troop for sisterhood, winter camping, and some serious archery.

Essentials—Our Gear is Finally Catching Up: For decades, outdoor brands gave little attention to women’s products. That’s changing fast. OUTSIDE taps a field of expert female athletes to nominate the best new performance tools in a range of sports, including running, hiking, fly fishing, yoga, road biking, and surfing.

We Go It Alone: What happens when a solo African-American woman decides to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine during a summer of bitter political upheaval? Rahawa Haile reports everything imaginable, from scary moments of racism to new friendships and soaring epiphanies about America’s legendary trekking route.

Getting the Treatment: Spa treatments have gotten wild in recent years, especially in Southern California, where women pay big bucks for radical remedies like fasting, colonics, and a Gwyneth Paltrow fave—the allegedly life-changing V-steam. Taffy Brodesser-Akner dons a satin robe and asks: If this is the path to heaven, why am I so freaked out?

Pioneers: Our Place Is On Top: In 1978, a historic expedition put the first women—and first Americans, period—on the summit of Annapurna I, the world’s tenth highest peak. Despite their triumph, the deaths of two climbers stirred controversy. In an oral history weaving together the perspectives of key team members, Sherpas, admirers, and critics, Katie Ives discovers that the debates still linger—as does the expedition’s power to inspire.

Surviving My Kidnapping: Noted climber Beth Rodden was kidnapped by rebels while on a climb in Central Asia. She has never revealed what happened, or how she healed from it, until now.

The Longer the Race, the Stronger We Get: At the outer edges of endurance sports, something interesting is happening: women are beating men. And new science shows that there’s a physiological reason for it.

By the Numbers: Exhaustive research on the economic-and-participant force women are in the outdoor industry, which appears in stat boxes throughout the issue.

The XX Factor Issue of OUTSIDE is on newsstands April 11 and at Continue the conversation with #xxfactor2017. For more information or to schedule an interview with an OUTSIDE editor, contact Shawna McGregor at The Rosen Group, 917-971-7852 or

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017