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21 Bold Ideas to Help You Get Healthy, Eat Smarter, and Crush Your Next Adventure

Santa Fe, NM (January 13, 2016) OUTSIDE— America’s preeminent active and adventure lifestyle brand—is kicking off 2016 with a bang: a double issue for January and February that presents the “OUTSIDE Theory of Everything.” Taking debates around the OUTSIDE headquarters that touch on core tenets of adventure, exploration, travel, health and fitness, and gear, they decided to launch deep investigations of topics ranging from the belief that nearly freezing to death can be good for you and the argument that bike helmet laws are deadly, to the idea that vegans make the best athletes and the eerie suggestion that climate change has its own sound. The result is an exceptionally surprising look at the forces shaping the world outside. Plus: contributing editor Florence Williams discovers a link between ADHD and adventure in her investigation of the extreme sports programs helping attention deficit students succeed, avalanche rescue revolutionary Manuel Genswein reveals his new technique to save skiiers’ lives, and Blackfish co-producer Tim Zimmermann gets the down and dirty on the most sustainable diet we can achieve today.

ADHD is Fuel for Adventure (pg. 60): Extreme sports are powerful medicine for kids who are allergic to sitting still—but there might be more to this phenomenon than a new tool for educators. OUTSIDE contributing editor Florence Williams investigates how the acute hyperactivity and distractibility long considered dysfunctional by modern society—symptoms frequently treated with heavy medication—might actually be part of a crucial skill set that not only helped our prehistoric ancestors thrive, but that also keeps some of this era’s most celebrated adventurers alive. 

Eating Right Can Save the World (pg.  78): Fueling your body should be healthy for you—and the planet. But how do you figure out the most sustainable diet?

You Can Actually Hear the Climate Changing (pg. 66): Field recordist Bernie Krause is listening to a deafening new ecological silence. The 77-year-old began studying nature’s sounds at age 30, later earning a Ph.D. in creative arts. He has since traveled to the world’s most remote areas to create an audio library that began as an inventory of the intricate symphonies unique to each ecosystem but has become a way to document biodiversity and, most recently, loss.

Avalanche Rescue Needs a Revolutionary (pg. 68): Swiss snow-safety expert Manuel Genswein has no patience for tradition-based rescue techniques. He has spent more than two decades burying himself alive and pushing shovels to their breaking point to determine the best ways to rescue snow-slide victims, and his V-shaped conveyor shoveling method is saving lives on the slopes. Now he’s proving to the world that his way is the best way for saving buried skiers, one shovel and beacon at a time.

You’re Not Dead Until You’re Warm and Dead (pg. 54): People coming back to life after being frozen stiff. Frogs that freeze themselves for winter and then reanimate. The new science of extreme cold is offering revolutionary new insights and therapies for everything from deadly exposure to athletic performance.

The Outdoor Life Is a Magnet for Tech Geeks (pg. 86): It’s easy to assume that you have to move to tech meccas like the Bay Area and Seattle to get in on the rush. But as it turns out, if you’re looking for a high-paying job, you should move to an outdoorsy town. Mountain burgs and cities with the perfect work-life balance aren’t just good for skiing, biking, and hiking. In recent years, these metro areas have reinvented themselves as outdoor-friendly tech alternatives to Silicon Valley.

Environmentalists Are in the Way of Renewable Energy (online): Many environmentalists protest solar and wind projects because of the land and wildlife they'd displace. Ending dependence on fossil fuels will require the movement to get better at one thing: compromise. 

Vegans Will Own the Podium (pg. 59): More and more pro athletes are going vegan. But can their plant-based diet really allow anyone to perform at their best? A breakdown of pro-surfer Tia Blanco’s go-to vegan meal shows how a vegan diet can be packed with protein and vitamins and optimized for post-workout recovery.

Are Bicycle Helmet Laws Dangerous? (online): In a crash, wearing a helmet can save your life. So why do helmet laws lead to more injuries? Recent studies say that more helmet laws means less cyclists on the road—and less cyclists leads to more car-bike crashes.

Summer is the New Winter at Ski Resorts (online): With shrinking visitor numbers and low-snow seasons afflicting ski areas around the West, resort owners are realizing that attracting wintertime guests alone isn’t enough to survive. Ski areas around the country are adapting to shorter snow seasons by beefing up their summertime activities with options like ziplines, mountain bike parks, and rope courses.

Everything Is a Bargain and Still No One Is Happy (pg. 75): Plenty of products boast obscene price tags these days. But the fact is that the evolution of construction techniques and introduction of new materials have actually brought down the price of gear. OUTSIDE takes a case-study of six award-winning road bikes to show how developments in technology and manufacturing have trickled down over the years to make affordable what was once revolutionary.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016