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Charlie XCX Graces Cover of Teen Vogue’s June 2018 issue: The Music Issue

"I feel like there's no rules anymore in pop music. So I just want to put everything out."


Teen Vogue is pleased to introduce Pass The Mic: The Music Issue. Each day for the next week, we’ll reveal one of seven covers featuring young women who are disrupting the music industry by shattering the idea of how girls should perform on stage and being unapologetically themselves.

First up: Charli XCX, who has been breaking boundaries in the industry and redefining pop with her edgy lyrics and unconventional approach to creating music. The digital cover shows her in a series of Polaroids by photographer Campbell Addy, who captured the spontaneous, unscripted vibe on set. In her cover interview, she speaks with Teen Vogue about getting her start in the industry, why it's "bullshit" to only write about what you know, why "it's really cool to be yourself, no matter who that is," and more.

Below are select quotes from Charli XCX's Teen Vogue cover profile. For her full interview and to keep an eye on Teen Vogue’s Music Issue releases, visit:

Charli on the "uncool" start of her music career:

When I started playing raves in London, I was still 16, so my parents would drive me. I wasn't even really rebelling because I was going with my parents. I was kind of super uncool.”

Charli on how the pop culture landscape has evolved and whether young women can control their own art:

“There's so much more scope for young female artists. There's always people that are in disbelief that Taylor would write her own songs or Camila or I would, or anyone. But I think there are so many more high-profile females [now].”

Charli on writing music without limitations:

“I know people always say, ‘Write about what you know,’ but I actually kind of think that's bullshit. Sometimes I think it's nice to write about total fantasy and things that you don't know and situations that haven't happened.”

Charli on drawing inspiration from parties:

“I think parties are the time, the places that you fall in love. That you meet someone new or you cry or you break up or ... they're very emotional places.”

Charli on what she would tell her younger self:

“High school ends, and all the cool, mean people in high school probably suck in later life. It's very important to be yourself. And I think that's so hard to realize and to kind of become happy with. But I think it's really cool to be yourself, no matter who that is.”

Cover Credits:

  • Photographer: Campbell Addy
  • Stylist: Rebecca Grice
  • Makeup: Lilly Keys
  • Hair: Sami Knight
  • Manicure: Stephanie Stone


Jaime Ellyn Marsanico

Communications Director, Allure & Teen Vogue


o: 212.286.5477

Wednesday, June 13, 2018