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Do you Uber? In SUCCESS Magazine, Read How Uber, Airbnb and Theranos Are Disrupting Your Life

How Brian Chesky, Travis Kalanick and Elizabeth Holmes are Creating Change and How You Can Too


DALLAS—Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, takes his spot on the cover of the August 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine available on newsstands now.  This month’s issue features the “Disruptors,” individuals that have created a new business model that leads to commerce and change.  They show us how having a simple every day concept like traveling, driving, and one’s health can turn into a billion dollar idea.

One trait that all of our disruptors have in common is the power to be resilient. For Travis Kalanick of Uber, this quality is what has led Uber to grow into a $41 billion dollar network.  The growth of his company has not come easy with having to constantly battle the taxi industry with every city his company goes into.  Challenges have also faced the new business models built by Chesky and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. Each one of the Disruptors had to identify the opportunity to for disruption and then have a business model that can withstand the challenges it will face by being new and different.

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“There has got to be a mission, a reason that you’re doing it. No matter how hard it is, keep doing it over and over and over again.”

—Elizabeth Holmes, SUCCESS magazine, August 2015 cover story

A Disruptor is defined by someone who creates a business model that takes a product or service that was only offered to a select small group of consumers, and makes them easy and affordable to the masses. For Airbnb it took a website and niche lodging market to create waves in the travel industry while creating their own business category. The new concept of more affordable and unique accommodations options has catapulted their business to a 25 billion dollar company.

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“Too often we start with what is possible, but if you start there, you limit yourself and the possibilities of what you can create.”

—Brian Chesky tells SUCCESS magazine, August 2015 cover story

Fun Facts About The Disruptors  

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky started his career path as a trained artist from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Chesky’s inspiration for mapping out Airbnb came from his days studying the way Walt Disney designed their storyboards for.

Elizabeth Holmes grew up around charitable causes from her father working in the disaster relief field which led her to fall into the industry she is now.

Holmes dropped out of Stanford at 19 to start Theranos.

Travis Kalanick didn’t budge when after only four months after bringing Uber to the masses they received their first cease-and-desist letter.  Now today Uber is available in 57 countries.

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 “We need to invest in internal growth and change. Acknowledging mistakes and learning from them are the first steps.”

—Travis Kalanick SUCCESS magazine August 2015 cover story

What’s Inside This Issue

The August 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine, featuring Brian Chesky, is all about learning to lead in new ways and create new models.

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