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The Star on Building an Empire, Dating, and That Beyoncé Biting Thing

New York, N.Y. - “It’s funny because people are like, ‘Oh, Tiffany Haddish is ratchet.’ No, I’m your typical chick from the hood. And as ratchet as I might talk, or people think I carry myself, I am making a living portraying myself.” Tiffany Haddish covers the September issue of Glamour with an interview by Neila Orr and photos by Billy Kidd. “I feel like all facets deserve to be seen—from the doctors to the janitors to the baby mamas to the side chicks.”

Since her breakout role in last year’s Girls Trip, Haddish has catapulted to fame—she’s nominated for an Emmy, she hosted the MTV Movie and TV Awards as the first black female emcee, and she cooked collard greens for Oprah. She says she predicted her successes, and credits every opportunity to the power of her positive thinking. “My thoughts from two years ago is what’s happening right now. I really think my thoughts are my magic wand.”

Starring in this month’s Night School with Kevin Hart, Haddish plays a hard-nosed teacher; a career she’s often considered if comedy didn’t work out. “I would probably be a sex education teacher. I guarantee none of my kids would have STDs after I finish teaching them,” she jokes. When it comes to her own sex life, Haddish denies seeing anyone specific: “I done ran through 38 dudes, OK? I’ve had enough somebodies.” Her flirtatious demeanor is a way to defuse sexual advances after a history of sexual assault and abuse. “You hear about, Tiffany always hitting on somebody,’ but that’s to keep them from hitting on me.”

And when it comes to addressing who bit Beyoncé, Haddish denies naming or confirming Sanaa Lathan to The Hollywood Reporter. “They thought I put her name out there, but I didn’t,” she says. “I never said nothing. And Beyoncé didn’t say nothing. Let the person who [bit Beyoncé] bury themselves...I ain’t trying to destroy this girl. I didn’t say shit about the girl.”

Instead of being consumed with tabloid rumors, Haddish is setting her sights on building her empire. She finds inspiration studying Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on YouTube. “If he can make $65 million, I can make $65 million too,” explains Haddish. She is selfless with the money she does have, using it to to support her family: “I got my mom out of the mental institution, like I said I would, in December.”

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Night School is in theaters September 28.

The September issue of Glamour is on stands July 31.


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Tuesday, July 31, 2018