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Reader’s Digest Curates Best Digital Content to Create Ultimate Health Guide


NEW YORK, New York, N.Y. (October 9, 2017) -- TrustedMediaBrands, a leader in brand-driven multi-platform media content, and home to iconic brands such as Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, and The Family Handyman, among others, today announced that it was publishing its first ever “digital to print” newsstand-only issue of Reader’s Digest based entirely on the brand’s best and most widely viewed digital health content.

The issue, themed “Ultimate Health Guide,” will feature content on a range of topics from wellness to disease prevention to fitness that had only previously been available on the brand’s digital extension The special issue will be available on newsstands only beginning this week. The “Digiprint” special interest issue of Reader’s Digest will have a circulation of nearly 400,000 and cover price of $4.99.

“We know that our monthly multi-channel audiences of nearly 27 million have an incredible passion for our health and wellness information,” says Bruce Kelley, Chief Content Officer, Reader’s Digest. “Based on research with these audiences we believe that there is a strong appetite for this information in a highly curated print only edition. Fortunately, we create more than 900 pieces of content a month and about 40% of it is health related, so we have an incredible reservoir of material to tap into for this special issue.”

Kelley notes that the editors were able to leverage the “deep well” of content while using the brand’s leading edge digital analytics to discover the health content most desired by their audiences. “We know that our readers, especially the nearly 30 million Millennials who accessed our digital and print content in the past year, place a high value and trust in our health editorial. We believe that we’ve put together a special issue that meets and exceeds those expectations.”

Reader’s Digest “Ultimate Health Guide” features a special report on the silent symptoms that signal a potentially serious health concern and how to identify them to reduce your risk for these concerns. issue also examines ways that readers can deal with common health problems such as headaches, joint pain, insomnia, and stomach problems as well as the latest information on cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, metabolic syndrome, depression, Celiac, and Parkinson’s, among other conditions.


“We are excited to bring our best in class health content to new audiences,” says Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands. “This type of innovative product reflects our continued goal of investing and growing our great brands in ways that super serve our passionate consumer audiences on the topics that matter most to them.”


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