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July 23, 2015



(New York, NY) –As The Daily Show With Jon Stewart enters its final two weeks, TV Guide Magazine honors the beloved host on its new cover, out today.


After 16 years on the air, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart will step away from his desk on August 6. We asked Daily Show alumni John Oliver, Kristen Schaal, Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, Rachael Harris, Larry Wilmore and Lewis Black to reflect on their time on the show. As they bid adieu to Stewart, the tributes are unanimously touching and hilarious.


John Oliver:

“Jon Stewart is not just the best there’s ever been; he’s the best there will ever be. If he ever needs me to hide a body for him, I’ll do it.”


Kristen Schaal:

“He knows how to take a bill about getting rid of funding for rape victims and make people laugh while they’re taking it in. Comedy is a powerful tool for putting everybody on the same page, and he’s a master at doing that with topics that are important to our whole country.”


Samantha Bee:

“I don’t mind saying that working my ass off with the single goal of making Jon laugh forged my comedy spine out of molten steel.”


Rob Corddry:

“Jon Stewart taught me how to write a joke. The five years I spent watching him take a general idea, zero in on what makes it funny and then plot a course to the biggest possible laugh changed my life in a profound way. I know I’ll never work with anyone as smart or as goddam cool ever again.”


Rachael Harris:

“He’s not some broadcast news anchor – and I think that’s why I like to watch and why we all like to watch.  You trust him. When he said ‘Jump!’ you never questioned it.  And that’s not at all out of fear.  It’s out of complete and utter respect.”


Larry Wilmore:

“By far the smartest, most insightful mensch of a guy is Jon. He’s like a combination of Walter Cronkite, Jesus and Johnny Carson.”


Lewis Black:

“A lot of The Daily Show’s success had to do with being in the right place at the right time and Jon being the right person. He turned the news world on its head.”


To read the full tribute, click HERE.




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