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2013 Is Pivotal Year for Magazine Media: Advertising Up 6% Across Platforms

December 30, 2013


New York, NY (December 30, 2013) - The numbers are adding up for 2013. An exclusive analysis conducted by MPA-The Association of Magazine Media, using Kantar Media’s PIB Advance data for magazine ad pages and their tablet edition ad unit data base, shows a 6% increase in the magazine media advertising “footprint” of print pages and tablet units.  Furthermore, reports from major publishers and recent research confirm this positive trend. 


For the full year 2013, tablet advertising units increased 16% with print pages essentially flat at 0.1%.  The total footprint of print pages and tablet edition units’ healthy 6% increase reflects a marked uptick following several years of transition. This data*, which analyzed the 69 magazine media titles that measure both print ad page and iPad unit advertising, affirms that 2013 was not only an inflection year for magazine media, it was a successful year, with consumers responding to the industry’s powerful content, when, where and how they chose. 


This positive advertising trend was also supported by SMI Dataminer which reports agency spending on print magazines was up 9% through November 2013 – more than television (3%), newspapers (3%), radio (2%) and out-of-home (2%). 


Commenting on the ever-growing magazine media footprint, Mary G. Berner, President and CEO, MPA-The Association of Magazine Media said, “I put lumps of coal in the stockings of all the nay-sayers who lost their faith in magazine media.  These numbers prove, once again, that this business is about powerful, relevant and enduring brands.   Despite erroneous, lemming-like coverage of declines, magazine media, has not, in fact, ever had an audience problem, and it is gratifying to see that advertisers are increasingly realizing that.”


Additionally, the latest Fall MRI 2013 release shows print audiences up 1% and magazine media (print plus tablet) up 2% versus the Fall MRI 2012 study, with 5% growth among 18-24-year-olds. Tablet edition audiences increased an impressive 49% during the same time period. Circulation data also shows dramatic tablet edition increases, with the AAM reporting 85% growth for digital magazine editions in the first half of 2013 versus the first half of last year.


Magazine Media Notable (and sometimes Tweetable) 2013 Truths:

·         All of the top 15 – and 44 out of the top 50 – highest grossing lifestyle apps in the iTunes Store are magazine brands.[i]

·         Six out of the top ten highest grossing news apps in the iTunes Store are magazine brands. Six out of the top ten highest grossing fitness apps in the iTunes Store are magazine brands. Seven out of the top ten highest grossing food and drink apps in the iTunes Store are magazine brands. Seven out of the top ten highest grossing travel apps in the iTunes Store are magazine brands.[ii]

·         The top 25 print magazines reach 48% more adults than the top 25 prime time television shows.[iii]

·         There are currently 7,390 print magazines published in the U.S. today ― the most in 10 years. [iv]

·         105 print magazines have been around and thriving for 50 years or more; only nine TV programs can boast the same. [v]

·         Magazines rank as the #1 medium for advertising acceptance (76%); TV ranked 3rd with 58% of U.S. adults stating TV advertising should not be eliminated.[vi]

·         Consumers’ favorite places to look at ads: 45% print magazine, 23% TV show, 11% website.[vii]

·         Among social media users who also read magazines:
56% follow a magazine brand on Twitter
51% retweet articles from a magazine's Twitter feed
49% follow a magazine editor on Twitter
47% post magazine articles to Facebook[viii]


About Magazine Media

Magazine media transcend any one platform. Whether they are consumed in print, tablet, on a smartphone or on the web, magazine media fulfill readers’ desires for timely information and entertainment that appeal to a broad spectrum of personal interests.  The enormous impact and the prominent role magazine media play in culture, society and the economy earn them a unique industry-wide selling proposition:

Magazine media deliver powerful relationships that influenceinspire and endure.  The magazine media brand experience is based on trusted editorial, complemented by relevant advertising.  This dual immersion in edit and ads satisfies the interests and passions of millions of readers – when, where, and how they choose.  The reader’s commitment to this unique brand experience results in superior levels of ad receptivity, online search, purchase intent, and extraordinary engagement in and sharing of both edit and ads

About MPA


 MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is the primary advocate and voice for the magazine media industry, driving thought leadership and game-changing strategies to promote its vitality, increase revenues and grow market share. Established in 1919, MPA represents 265 domestic, associate and international members. MPA is headquartered in New York City, with a government affairs office in Washington, DC.


* Jan.-Dec. 2013 versus 2012. Tablet ad units are based on a preliminary study conducted by PIB using data collected by Kantar Media of the 69 magazine media titles that measure both print and iPad advertising. Weekly magazines yet to be published, all of their data – for both tablet and print – is based on Jan.-Nov. 2013 versus Jan.-Nov. 2012.

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