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Corrected Release: Huge Increase Reported in Brands Advertising with Magazines on Tablet, Online and Print Platforms Since 2010

October 12, 2012
Other New Research Reported by MPA Finds Deeper Consumer Engagement and Growth in Total Magazine Audience

(New York, NY) October 12, 2012 – New data released from MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, provide a more complete picture about the strength of magazines across platforms.  The findings reveal a 57% spike in the number of brands advertising on magazine media platforms (tablet, online and print) since 2010, and strong consumer engagement.   Additionally, the data show year-over-year growth in the combined print and online magazine audience. 

“As the magazine industry transforms itself, looking at magazines through just one platform is misleading,” said Mary Berner, President & CEO, MPA. “Assessing advertising performance, customer growth, and engagement in content by measuring print exclusively tells an incomplete story.  Magazine media audiences are expanding, the number of marketers advertising in magazine media’s trusted and powerful brands is growing, and consumer engagement is deepening as audiences access magazine content across multiple platforms.  The numbers we’re providing today paint a more complete picture about magazine media.  It’s time to change the conversation about magazines.”
Among the findings provided by MPA:
  • Increase in the number of unique brands advertising with magazines on tablets, online and print:  According to Kantar Media, 57% more brands advertised in tablet, online and print editions of magazines in the first half of 2012 compared to the first half of 2010, when tablets were first available.  The Kantar research found that 14,949 brands advertised on magazine media in that period, compared with 9,536 during the same time in 2010. 

    Magazine Print Editions, Websites & Tablets# of Unique Brands Advertising
    Time PeriodPrint + Web + Tablet
    H1 20109,536
    H1 201110,768
    H1 201214,949
    Source: Kantar Media
    Base: 60 Publishing Brands with monitored print editions, websites and tablet editions

  • Strong consumer engagement with magazine content on tablets:  Consumer demand for magazine content on tablets is high, and the amount of content available is skyrocketing.  For example:

    o   Magazine-branded iPad apps remain some of the most popular apps in the iTunes store, according to MPA research conducted the week of October 1, 2012.  13 of the 15 highest-grossing iPad Lifestyle apps are magazine apps; 10 of the 15 highest-grossing iPad Health & Fitness apps are magazine apps; and 10 of the top 15 highest-grossing News apps are magazine apps.  “It’s clear that consumers will pay for the trusted content that magazines provide on tablets,” said Berner. 

    o   Research from McPheters & Company i-Monitor shows a surge in the number of apps released by magazine media brands; 1,728 magazine U.S. apps were available in Q3 2012 compared to 192 in Q3 2010.  


  • Increase in total audience:  The combined, unduplicated online and print audience for magazines grew 4% between 2010 and 2011, based on information from GfK MRI research from spring 2010 and 2011, and Nielsen data from July 2010 and 2011.  “These numbers demonstrate that the magazine footprint continues to expand across platforms and that consumption of magazine content is increasing,” said Berner.