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Lustrous. Backlit. Brilliant. The tablet has generated unprecedented engagement with magazine audiences through video, audio, social, and gaming content — delivered in creative new ways. The tablet has powerful implications for the storytelling and reporting that readers value, and for the advertising they embrace as part of their magazine experience.

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Tablets the range of tablet/wireless touchscreen devices including iPad, Kindle Fire and all larger than smartphone devices

Tablet Issue the generic term for a tablet edition of a publication

Tablet Reader an individual who has opened a magazine issue on their tablet at least once — device level readership

App Downloads the installed containers (or shells) on tablet devices where issues are downloaded

Tablet Issue Subscription paid subscription to the tablet issues of the publication

Paid Single Issues tablet issue access via the purchase of a single issue from a digital newsstand

Authenticated Access digital issue access provided to print edition subscribers

SFP (Straight From Print) editorial or advertising content where the page on the screen looks exactly like the print page — with no interactive enhancements (except for the activation of links)

SFP+ editorial or advertising content where the page on the screen looks exactly like the print page — with some interactive enhancements (beyond activation of links)

DFT (Designed For Tablet) editorial or advertising content where the page on the screen has been re-designed specifically for reading on the tablet and is meant to be displayed at 100% (that is, there is no need to tap and zoom) 

EFT (Enhanced For Tablet) adding enhancements and bonus content to Designed For Tablet (DFT) editorial or advertising content to more fully utilize the tablet medium (e.g., hotspots, photographic slide shows, video, audio, in-app browser)

SITI (Special Interest Tablet Issues) contains native or uniquely curated content that is not part of the regular frequency

"This initiative and the increased transparency it provides will enable Ford and our agency partners to better leverage our marketing dollars in this growing consumer media platform."
— Matt VanDyke
Director, Marketing Communications U.S.
Ford Motor Company

"It is great to see the magazine industry work together to provide new metrics that will help us understand how consumers engage with and experience publishing content on tablets."
— Brenda White
Senior Vice President, Publishing Activation Director

“This voluntary time frame is the most accurate method we have of capturing theincredible engagement that readers have with their tablet editions. Our research tells us that magazine readers continue to engage with their tablet editions as long as a month after the on-sale date of the publication and we need data time frames that reflect this engagement.”
— Chris Kevorkian
Chief Marketing Officer

"Standardizing tablet metrics is integral to the future success of this evolutionary media space, and will enable us and our clients to benchmark across publishers with some consistency and confidence."
— Catherine Merchant-Jones
Senior Vice President, Investment Partner
Universal McCann Worldwide

"These guidelines put us on the right path for better understanding of these audiences, creating more meaningful experiences that leverage the technology, as well as measuring and optimizing our impact. With this foundation, we need to continue to build infrastructure for publishing transformation and success."
— Robin Steinberg
Executive Vice President, Director Publishing Investment and Activation
MediaVest USA

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