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New look for DISCOVER magazine

July 18, 2013--Discover, the world’s leading science magazine edited and designed for a general audience, introduces a comprehensive new design and an updated logo with its September 2013 issue.

Hallmarks of the redesign include new typefaces, a fresh color palette, and a bold new front-of-book section called The Crux, as well as a new tagline, “Science for the Curious.”

Changes in the magazine are rooted in Discover’s 33-year history of providing readers with clear, understandable journalism covering a wide range of topics, including human biology, astronomy, psychology, technology, and the environment.

Discover has always had a reputation for clear, compelling science journalism,” Editor-in-Chief Stephen C. George says. “Now we have a design to match it: elegant, eye-catching and easy to navigate.”

The new look was created by Discover’s design staff, led by Design Director Dan Bishop and including Senior Graphic Designer Alison Mackey.

The design includes a new logo, the first change in the brand in several years. Designed by Bishop using the Utopia typeface, the logo sets Discover apart among science magazines and websites.

“We’ve made the logo easier to read in upper/lower case,” says Bishop. “The addition of a serif type style reflects a more serious yet approachable tone that is more appropriate for our brand and readers.”

A key component of Discover will be “The Crux,” which replaces the old “Data” section and covers all aspects of science news. “We’ll be including more detailed and impactful infographics,” George says, “as well as items like ‘Ask Discover,’ where we tackle the thorniest science questions submitted by our readers.”

Another improved and expanded section is “Hot Science,” which carries the tagline “Your guide to cool culture, new tech and what’s next.” One of the magazine’s most popular sections, “Hot Science” examines the intersection of science and pop culture, including movies, music, books and personal technology.

Throughout the design, the staff has worked to fulfill what George calls the “essential promise” of the magazine’s new slogan. “We have a dedicated audience of readers who love science, who are intensely curious about the world and the universe. Discover satisfies that curiosity.”

The new look of the magazine also complements the design of Discover’s website,, which was relaunched in November 2012.

The September 2013 issue of Discover will be on sale August 6.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013