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Inside the November/December 2013 Issue of The Saturday Evening Post



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Inside the November/December 2013 Issue

of The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post is a bi-monthly publication featuring investigative articles and opinion pieces on the most important issues of the day, as well as service journalism, humor, and the best of contemporary fiction. To schedule an interview or request a press copy, please contact Allie Curry at 646-695-7042 or

Cover Story: Lisa Kudrow

Page 48, By Lawrence Grobel

When Lisa Kudrow left Friends in 2004, she was giving up the most lucrative deal in TV history. For the show’s last two seasons, she was paid a million dollars an episode. Yet, she decided to move on—and has done quite well since then, as an innovative producer (Web Therapy and Who Do You Think You Are?),and before, as a versatile actor (The Opposite of SexWonderland, and Analyze This). In this month’s cover story, the talented comedian reflects on high school bullies, reality TV, her failures, her successes and life after Friends. To read the profile, visit

Cheating in College Sports
Page 56, By Jeff Nilsson and David E. Sumner

You can bet on it: Where there are sports, there’s gambling. And where there is gambling, frequently there is cheating—college sports are no exception. Post Historian Jeff Nilsson has the story of how one college cheating scandal lead to a libel suit that very nearly destroyed the magazine. Contributor David E. Sumner reports on how gambling on collegiate sports is an estimated $100 billion-a-year industry and increasing every year.


Less Is More: Simplify Your Life
Page 66, By Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn

In the modern world, we’ve allowed complexity to get the best of us—we’ve let companies, organizations, governments and institutions inundate us with disclaimers, disclosures, terms, instructions and amendments, overwhelming our good judgment and violating our basic rights. The consequences are that we pay costly fees, get lost in multilayered phone trees, and jump through hoops to make insurance claims. In this piece, authors Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn present a solution, and it can be summed up in a word: simplicity. They encourage us to light the spark for a movement to reduce societal, government and corporate complexity.


Destination Nowhere
Page 60, By Elizabeth Becker

The cruise ship industry is booming. But beneath the seemingly carefree luxury-hotel-on-the-water experience, lurk some very real dangers. 

Dodging Diabetes
Page 52, By Scott Westcott

For many of us, diabetes lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike. But even just four easy prevention moves can help keep the illness at bay. Learn how eating breakfast, along with less meat (and more nuts), getting regular exercise and sleeping well can help you avoid diabetes without hours at the gym or drastic diet changes.

Food: Holiday Recipes with an Aussie Twist
Page 34, By Curtis Stone
Have a holiday feast, Aussie style! Top Chef Masters TV star Curtis Stone adds his signature Down Under twist to a classic American holiday fare. He provides Post readers special recipes for roast turkey breast with lemon and sage brown butter, leek and herb stuffing, and banana bread with lots of toasted walnuts.


Tech: Top-Rated Holiday Gifts
Page 40, By Jeff Bertolucci

No one needs another scarf, tie or festive cheese ball. Tech gear? Well, that’s a whole other story. The Post compiles an eclectic list of gifts, including plenty of choices for less than $50.




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