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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

People Rushes Robin Williams Commemorative Cover
As the news broke, People’s editorial staff went to work into the early hours Tuesday on a special issue pivot that includes a 12-page cover story recounting the beloved comedian’s 40-year career.
TIME Publishes Robin Williams Commemorative Issue
Time has published a special issue dedicated entirely to Robin Williams. The issue — available Friday, August 15 — features tributes penned by Bill Maher, Dick Cavett, Alan Alda, Joan Rivers, Patch Adams, Jim Norton, Gilbert Gottfried, Margaret Cho, Lewis Black, Nathan Lane and more.
Remembering Robin Williams on Magazine Covers
Robin Williams brought a lot of joy into the hearts of his fans. Throughout his 40 year career, he was featured on countless magazine covers.
Lucky Spins Off from Condé Nast as The Lucky Group
The print magazine and its editorial staff will remain completely intact, continuing at the same frequency. “My fashion editors won’t suddenly become merchandisers,” Editor Eva Chen assured. She plans to build a separate merchandising team for the new platform; meanwhile,’s current editorial team will eventually transition to creating content for the e-commerce site.
Epicurious Now Under Bon Appétit’s Purview
Bon Appétit and Epicurious are joining forces to more efficiently pursue food advertisers. The two Condé Nast brands will combine efforts to create a singular digital food-advertising platform.
The Economist Gets Personal
You need to understand customers' implicit and explicit needs, make their lives easier, solve a problem, and make them feel that they're in the driver's seat. That is the philosophy behind The Economist's approach to marketing.
Q&A with InStyle EIC Ariel Foxman: The Best Question to Ask in an Interview
InStyle's Ariel Foxman on Huffpo’s Yes, You Can Make It In Fashion: The real role of an editor, interview tips, and what it’s really like being male at a women’s fashion magazine.
InStyle’s 2nd Annual Social Media Awards
The Thread covered InStyle’s 2nd Annual Social Media Awards including celebrity nominees like Sarah Jessica Parker, January Jones & Lupita Nyong’o.
Q&A with InStyle Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield
Rhinestones, 3-D designs, textured topcoats and new offerings from fashion royalty have upped the ante on fingertips, said Kahlana Barfield, beauty director for InStyle magazine.
SocialFlow's Anderson: Go with the Flow
“Publishers have a lot of content,” said SocialFlow chief executive officer Jim Anderson. “What we saw years ago was publishers taking the web version of their stories and putting it on Facebook. When Facebook changed its timeline in 2012, it changed how people navigated Facebook. Now, it’s being used as a newsfeed on a mobile device.”
Husni: What’s in a Magazine Name?
Reddit’s Press Guidelines: Get Permission from Redditors Before Using Their Content in a List
Mastering the Dark Arts: Facebook Has Been the Key to Mother Jones’ Growing Popularity Online
Food Network Magazine Makes Editorial and Publishing Hires
Bloomberg Pursuits' New Hires Adds Market Director
Hairpin Founder Joins Matt Taibbi’s Magazine
Michele Promaulayko Tapped to Head Yahoo Health
AP Journalist and Translator Killed in Gaza
Gawker Addresses Jezebel's Rape Gif Issue
If You Must Unpublish, Here’s How to Maintain Credibility
Facebook Now Tells Whether Mobile Ads Lead to Desktop Purchases
Centro Gets Local Through New and Expanded Partnerships with Publishers
4As President Challenges Marketers to Put Up or Shut Up
Over 90% Of Buyers Using Programmatic, Per AOL Survey
Mobile Search in the Year of Mobile
Why CMOs Must Help CIOs Rethink Technology to Stop Bleeding Red
Ad Tech Isn't a Threat to Agencies, It's an Opportunity
Here Is Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer: They've Cut Every Cord Except to Mom and Dad
Come hear an international authority on psychological profiling, consumer analytics and talent management. Join Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology, University College London, for a look at how big data and social media are impacting the magazine media workplace, as well as tactics for working with Gen Y and Millennials. Coming next Monday, September 8, NYC.
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