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Friday, November 14, 2014

Pinterest Media Partnerships Exec Talks Stats, Updates and Priorities
Pinterest has captured the fancy not only of skiers, gourmet cooks and brides-to-be, but also media executives thanks to its high referral traffic. Robert Macdonald, an avid skier recently hired to head Pinterest’s media partnerships said the platform’s dynamic reminds him of when he used to find and clip ski images from magazines, then saved them for future reference. In his new role he’s focused on ecommerce and monetization plans for Pinterest.
Condé Nast Launches Lead Contributors Program
Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) is attempting to build out its digital verticals by partnering with Internet sensations. The company has announced a “lead contributor” program, and it starts with YouTube/Instagram/Twitter darling Kandee Johnson.
How America’s Oldest Magazines Are Modernizing (And Monetizing) Their Archives
TIME launched its digital archive, "The Vault," on Wednesday, but it's not the only magazine to look to its past for new content, more inventory and increased value for subscribers. Through bundles, tiered subscription models or one-off purchases, titles are able to generate revenue by repackaging their pasts. Here's how five of the oldest magazines in the U.S. handle content that reaches back to the 1800s.
Publishers Sell Sponsored Content Made for Instagram, Snapchat
Wired magazine has tapped a male-female duo famous on Instagram for their alluring photography to anchor an ad campaign for apparel and accessories brand Victorinox. The ads are appearing on Instagram, in Wired and on Wired's website.
Glamour Hires First Online Editor at Large
Women’s Health Adds Two
Taylor Swift’s Bare Faced Cover of ‘Time’ — See Her Low Key Look
Hilary Duff Tells Health Magazine She Was 'Way Too Skinny' As A Teen
Facebook Courts Publishers in Looming YouTube Battle
Barbra Streisand Stops by Hearst Tower
Yale Students Glean Wisdom from New Yorker Features Director
Inside Refinery29′s Video Strategy
The Incredible Life of Vogue Illustrator Brian Stonehouse
What Brands Can Learn From Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Move
Why Traditional Media Isn't Dying, and 4 Other Myths of the Digital Era Dispelled
Facebook Launches Simplified Privacy Policy
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