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Friday, March 20, 2015

Magazine Publisher Meredith Finds Success Focusing on Women
The nation's top publisher of magazines and websites for women has its origins in a journal sold door-to-door featuring tips to help farmers get ahead in the early 1900s. From there, Meredith Corp. grew and evolved, surviving depression, recession, the Internet and an increasingly crowded field of magazine competitors to now reach more than 200 million people a month.
Conde Nast Teams With Rapt Media For Interactive Video Content
Condé Nast Entertainment (CNE) is aiming to make its digital video offerings more engaging, both for its own properties as well as those of its clients. To this end, the media corporation has partnered with Boulder, Colorado-based Rapt Media, which specializes in interactive HTML5 video software.
U.K.'s Magnetic to Forge Closer Ties with Advertisers Under Sue Todd
Magnetic, the new marketing body (in the U.K.) for magazines, officially opens this week. It is being led by Sue Todd, the chief executive. Her remit is clear: show off the diverse sector’s power to attract readers. An ad campaign has been created to reflect how magazines appeal to different personalities.
Digital Is a Change in the Watch Magazine World
Watch publications (and there are more than 150 titles worldwide) largely have been loyal to print even as their younger readership is compelling them to develop digital alternatives. The prime reason: Most cash-rich watch brands still prefer to advertise in the kind of luxury publications that appeal to their most valued clients, wealthy collectors who are known to keep issues for years and to look at them many times.
Fitness Magazine's New Apple Watch Cover
The Apple Watch has already been spotted within the pages of several fitness and fashion-oriented magazines during the month of March as Apple makes an advertising push ahead of the device's launch, and as of this week, it's also scored a spot on the cover of Fitness Magazine.
More on The New Republic to Start Producing Content for Advertisers
Kayvan Salmanpour, who most recently worked as vice president of sales at content marketing platform Newscred, will join The New Republic at the end of the month to “build a team to provide creative services for advertisers,” the publication’s CEO Guy Vidra said in a memo to staff.
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Another Wincer for Wenner: US Weekly Retracts Jenner Story
Ambinder: How I Unfairly Maligned Two Secret Service Agents in Politico Magazine
Why Europe’s Publishers Have Embraced Programmatic Co-ops: More on Pangaea
Refinery29 Hiring Politics, Tech Reporters in General-Interest News Push
Marketers Are on the Prowl for Better Customer Experiences [Infographic]
How Millennials Are Consuming Their Content: Younger Reader Habits on Social Media, Paid Content and Others
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