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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More on the USPS Exigent Rate Hike Rulings
“We are pleased that the court recognized that exigent circumstances are not permanent and that the Postal Service must adjust to lowered mail volumes as its ’new normal,’ says Mary G. Berner, President and CEO of the MPA.
apple image
Apple Replaces Newsstand with Flipboard-Style App Called "News"
An app called News for iOS 9 replaces Newsstand as the place Apple wants mainstream periodicals—plus websites and every other kind of publisher—to place stories and articles, and Apple showed off a sneak peek during Monday’s WWDC keynote.
EatingWell Increases Base Rate to 1 Million
Meredith Corp. announced it’s increasing the base rate for EatingWell magazine to one million, starting with the July/August issue. This bump marks a 200% growth in circulation since the company acquired the brand in 2011.
Australia: Nielsen -Magazine Advertising Gives Better ROI than First Thought
In Australian media news, a Nielsen study has shown that magazine advertising gives better ROI than first thought.
Marshawn Lynch Headlines ESPN The Magazine's Leap into Video Games: Print Pub Tests Gaming Waters
ESPN The Magazine is dropping an "eSports" issue this week with Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch gracing its cover. In a feature story, Lynch, who is notoriously uncooperative with the media, gives an exclusive account of his role in Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
More of History's Most Iconic (and Controversial) Magazine Covers
It takes a certain magic to create these iconic images—the right photographer paired with a standout star and outside-the-box creative direction, all strategically leaked online and on newsstands—but when it all comes together, history is made. From Lauren Bacall to Caitlyn Jenner's, here are some of the most outstanding magazine covers from the past 75 years.
Forbes, The Atlantic, and Ziff Davis on the Mobile Ad Placement Question
The most prevalent trend is placing the ads high up on the page, where readers are likely to see them on first glance. The mobile sites of Business Insider, The Atlantic and WIRED, for example, all display 300 x 250 banners directly below their navigation bars, above their article headlines.
Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley on the TODAY Show
Teen Vogue’s Editor in Chief Amy Astley reveals what's hot for teens this summer.
More on Cosmopolitan's Internet's Most Fascinating List
"All it takes to become famous now is a smartphone," writes Amy Odell, editor of, in her introductory editorial note for the list, "You no longer need to find a champion in a prominent agent, television executive, or record label A&R rep to become an obsession and fascination for millions... The next Rihanna could quietly be racking up subscribers on her YouTube channel. The next Jennifer Lawrence could currently be churning out seven-second comedy sketches on Vine."
More on InStyle’s July Cover Girl Zoe Saldana
Reason Magazine Subpoenaed Over Reader Comments about Silk Road Judge
Bonnier Corp. Is Jennifer Ceaser’s Next Career Destination
Miley Cyrus Bares Her Soul in Paper
Ahold Set to Launch "Game-Changing" Magazine
Takeaways from the LION Publishers Conference: Crowdfunding, Revenue Diversity, and Legalese
Maker Media Nabs $5 Million Funding Round
Reuters Makes Some Content Free, Citing "Unprecedented" Shift
The Huffington Post Opens Citizen Journalism Video Network with BroadbandTV
Hermann Zapf, 96, Dies; Designer Whose Letters Are Found Everywhere
The Genius Behind "Headless Body in Topless Bar" Headline Dead at 74
Advertising Created by Artificial Intelligence
As Social Video Evolves, Facebook and YouTube Will Be Forced to Adapt
Disagreement Persists Over Viewability Definition
We’re Using Hashtags Less Than Ever. -Here’s Why.
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In Fortune: Vanity Fair magazine’s cover photo of the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner nearly broke the Internet last week. Here are 10 other magazine covers that also instantly became iconic.