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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Q&A with Hearst's Ellen Levine
Ellen Levine, Editorial Director Hearst Magazines, asserts print's role and importance: “...There may be some transition in people’s personal needs, but no, we will continue to do print. I do remember reading how excited everyone was when they looked at the first printed Bible and how excited people were when they found, I think it was in Israel, some original writings in a cave. They wouldn’t have been as excited if they’d found somebody’s laptop back then.”
Q&A with Bonnier's Eric Zinczenko: On Generating About 25% of Revenue from Digital
A Conversation with Bonnier CEO Eric Zinczenko: Print remains important to Bonnier, according to Mr. Zinczenko. "We would prepare for a world without print if we had to, but we're approaching the future with all different channels of media to serve a particular audience," he said.
Hearst’s Troy Young Makes Scale His Friend
Scale means a lot of things these days... In technology and content, it means a revolution in how brands as big, diverse and set in their long-successful ways as Hearst’s 21 U.S. magazines do their daily work.
Q&A with This Old House Magazine's Scott Omelianuk
Editor-In-Chief Scott Omelianuk says of print: "Given what our print circulation is right now and the revenue that comes from it, which to me suggests that there is an audience who wants it, I don’t think it’s anytime soon. My biggest concern is the post office problems at this point. (Laughs) It’s not the audience; we have the audience. We’re doing really well with renewal rates and like I said, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have this dialogue with the consumer that lets us give them what they want.”
The Business of Forbes Rankings
Forbes has carved out a niche with its ranking of the world’s billionaires. But how does Forbes get the information for these lists? What's the secret sauce?
Larger Tablets May Not Provide a Boost to Digital Publications, But Better Retail Options Will
Parkeat writes: "Many in the tech industry (and some in media) believe content is being uncoupled from periodicals, and that the future is not the newspaper or magazine branded by the publisher, but the app branded by the app maker and compiled by the reader (as well as an editor at the app maker.)"
Editor Catherine Rousso Remembered in Paris
More on Rodale Inc. Teaming with Chef'd to Deliver Meals
Condé Nast Entertainment Adds Marketing Exec
More on InStyle’s June Cover Girl, Mindy Kaling, and Her Appearance on The View
Emma Stone Graces the Cover of WSJ. Magazine
Wenner Shakes Up US Weekly, Starts with Fashion Team: Layoffs
Layoffs Sweep Across Rolling Stone, US Weekly
ABM Panel: Media Matters in Asset Mix Valuations
How Evolve Media Is Getting into the Luxe Market
Washingtonian Magazine Reminds Us that When It Comes to Racing Presidents: It’s All About Teddy
Northwestern Faculty Magazine Censored Over Article About "Nurse Blow Job"
Why the Columnist Who Writes About Race in Spokane Got Scooped on Dolezal
"My Boss Thinks We’re Different Species:" Millennials Talk About Their Managers
Ogilvy CEO Miles Young to Step Down Next Year
Category Review: Number of Movies & Music Digital Titles Increase 25% in Past Year
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