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Monday, August 3, 2015

minfographic: WIRED & The Atlantic
According to the Magazine Media 360º Brand Audience Report for the first half of 2015, Forbes is dominating the fragmented and packed editorial category of business and finance.
Profits Up at Meredith
The company announced results for its fiscal 2015 on Thursday, noting flat revenue ($1.1 billion) and an 8-percent increase in profit ($123 million), though just a 3-percent increase excluding special items.
Time Inc. Adds Audience Categories As "Programmatic Print" Takes Off
After launching programmatic print in February, Time Inc. on Friday unveiled a new phase of the sales initiative. It adds 12 audience categories to the original half dozen.
Women's Health and Domino Team Up to Cover Healthy Living: Two Brands Will Share Content
The partnership officially kicked off this weekend at a co-branded event at the Hamptons home of Women's Health vp, publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt. Called the "Wellthy House"—in reference to the increasingly popular wellness trend, said Frerer-Schmidt—the event will include cooking demonstrations, workout classes and home décor workshops led by experts such as celebrity trainer Heidi Powell and nutritionist Keri Glassman.
Q&A with's Leah Chernikoff
How Leah Chernikoff went from fact checker to the helm of Here she talks learning on the job, why fear isn’t always a bad thing and working under EIC, Robbie Myers.
More on Forbes Expands BrandVoice Product with Special Features
In the fourth expansion of its native and content marketing product for marketers, Forbes Media is letting its clients build their own "Feature Page" of related branded media.
At Newsstand: Magazines to Get You Thinking
Scientific American, Psychology Today, Mental Floss, New Philosopher, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic are the titles reviewed this week by the New York Post staff.
The New Magazine Media 360⁰ Brand Audience Report and The Social Media Report Are Available
Access the latest data for first half 2015 and Q2 2015!
UM Wins Coca-Cola's $400 Million Media Assignment
Helen Gurley Brown Scholars Redefine "Cosmo Girl"
Meredith Revs Up on Acquisitions
Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers to Be Shielded by Two Retailers
Rolling Stone Finds New Managing Editor, Easily
Town & Country Adds Two
At Age 50, Tiger Beat Gets a Makeover
Q&A with Michael Kusek, -Publisher and Lauren Clark, -Editor of Take Magazine
Vice Launches Female-Focused Channel Called Broadly
Advertisers Say "Right to Be Forgotten" Conflicts with Free Speech
Yawn. Yet Another Marketer Argues Agencies Are Dead
There’s nothing abstract about the height or width of an ad – those dimensions can be quantified. We believe the same about media quality. If you’re not measuring this third dimension, media quality, your campaign is missing its full potential. And you’re not getting the most value for every dollar you spend. Integral Ad Science offers a comprehensive suite of tools that gives buyers and sellers actionable intelligence on a wide variety of media quality data such as Viewability, Fraud, and Brand Safety. We’ve also created a proprietary holistic quality measurement called TRAQ Score, which combines multiple elements of media quality into one simple aggregate number.
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In The New Yorker: Darren Wilson says he wants to stop thinking about what happened in Ferguson. But the town isn’t done.