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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Up for Sale, The Economist Is Unlikely to Alter Its Voice
Widely viewed as a magazine, it nevertheless calls itself a newspaper. It has no bylines. It has a dedicated following for its idiosyncratic photo captions (“You’re the Yuan that I want”). Its goal, outlined in a kind of mission statement on its website, is to “take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”
Launching a Successful Digital Publication: The Quartz Experience
Quartz founding publisher Kevin Delaney saw that many of the longest-lived and most successful magazines were formed in times of immense societal, global, and cultural change. He identified 2012 as such a time — a time when all assumptions to the global economy were being challenged. And, in Quartz, he saw an opportunity to address these challenges and speak for the emerging global economy.
Tinder’s First Non-Dating Feature Is... Speed Networking for Forbes’ 30 Under 30
Forbes is building a social networking app exclusively for these millennial leaders, which will launch at its 30 Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia on October 4th. The goal is to stoke this community into somewhat of an alumni network that attracts more powerful youngsters to the Forbes empire.
Exceptional Year for Details
Conde Nast's Details is having an exceptional year, both on desktop (+28.3%) and mobile (+185.1%) reflecting substantial increases in loyal users making a prized destination.
Generation Z's Ongoing Evolution
Teen Vogue's Amy Astley discusses the defining characteristics of Generation Z and how they're evolving as consumers.
Sunset Magazine's 2015 Idea Home in Denver: Go Inside
For 17 years, Sunset Magazine's editors have been renovating homes in the west to help readers get ideas. This year's home is in Denver's hilltop neighborhood where Sunset Magazine and its design team have taken a 1954 bungalow, popped the top, redesigned the first floor, moved the bedrooms, added a new rooftop deck and so much more.
Stuart Elliott: Publish and Perish?
Elliott writes: "It's fashionable, when writing and talking about media, to focus only on the digital forces rather than the tried-and-true mainstays that are bravely confronting the challenges of the new tech landscape. Lately, though, I've found myself immersed in a major aspect of traditional media: print magazines."
The New Magazine Media 360⁰ Brand Audience Report and The Social Media Report Are Available
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RR Donnelley Announces Intent to Create Three Independent Publicly Traded Companies
Digital Magazine Readers Stress Readability over Interactivity
More on Roadkill the Magazine Emerging from Youtube
Women’s Health and Domino Celebrate Wellness, Party in the Hamptons
Bon Appétit Lists Its Best New Restaurant Nominees
More on Popular Kids Magazine Highlights and Its Big Push to Mobile
Bloomberg Updates Site
More on Condé Nast's Mini Vogue Launch in the U.K.
Pierre Groppo Joins Vanity Fair France
Maxim Magazine Mans Up
Fern Mallis Frames Elevate Magazine’s Sophomore Issue
The New York Times Goes Native with Video Advertising
Publishers, You’re Holding All the Content Marketing Chips
Content Personalization: A Secret Driver of the Over-The-Top Revolution
Telling Stories Visually: 5 Designers and their Advice for Writers
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