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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The State of the Magazine Media Business, Mid-Year 2015
12 top industry leaders including Rebecca Darwin CEO, Garden & Gun; Scott Dickey CEO, TEN; Bonnie Kintzer CEO, Reader’s Digest Association; Andy Clurman CEO, Active Interest Media all see opportunites.
Hearst Is Hawking September Issues From Its "MagMobile" —a Roving Newsstand on Wheels
a Roving Newsstand on Wheels Rolling through NYC: In an effort to promote its all-important September fashion issues, Hearst is taking its consumer marketing strategy to the streets—literally.
Chelsea Manning Found Guilty of Having Copy of Vanity Fair’s Caitlyn Interview
Chelsea Manning was found guilty Tuesday of violating prison rules and will receive three weeks of recreational restrictions at the Kansas military prison where she’s serving her 35-year sentence, her attorney said.
More Q&A with Meredith Rollins: Redbook Knows What it Means to "Keep It Real"
Here, min talks with editor-in-chief Meredith Rollins about the genesis of Redbook’s September issue, what it means for the brand and its readers and the current state of magazine media.
Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Cover WIRED
“If you tell a kid: ‘You’ve got to pick music or Instagram,’ they’re not picking music,” current Apple Music boss and former cofounder of Interscope Records Iovine said in this month’s Wired cover story. “There was a time when, for anybody between the ages of 15 and 25, music was one, two and three. It’s not anymore.”
Top 10 Media Publishers for July 2015: Complex Growing, BuzzFeed Keeps Stronghold
In July, U.S. media publishers accounted for 1.6 billion total social actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites, dislikes), with 815 million actions from Facebook, 50 million from Twitter, 709 million from Instagram, and 12 million from YouTube. The media publishing industry saw a 4 percent increase in total actions compared to June 2015 and represents 33 percent of all actions taken on content published by brands in July.
7 Black Women Shine on This Year’s Fall Fashion Magazine Covers
On-screen problem-solver Kerry Washington is the 7th black woman to grace the cover of a fall fashion issue this year—serving face and talking Pilates on the cover of Self.
Reader's Digest and Inc. Go Back to School with E-Learning Courses
In July, Reader’s Digest Association launched its own online learning platform, EnrichU, which features courses on cooking (“Taste of Home Online Cooking School”), home repair (“The Family Handyman DIY University”), and eventually health, crafts and gardening. Reader’s Digest offers all-access memberships, which run for $9.95 a month or $99 per year, or a la carte pricing for individual courses.
Esquire Network's Jen Neal Among Winners of the 2015 Brand Genius Awards
Creating an International Print and Digital Empire: A How-To
The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t
An Art Professor With a Minor in Whimsical Magazines
American Media Inc. Moves Tabloids to NYC
Mark Anthony Green Takes Over GQ’s "Style Guy" Role
Defense One Adds George LeVines As Digital Editor
The Hill Adds Jonathan Swan to Cover the Money in Politics Beat
Mike Elk: Politico "Is the Whitest Newsroom I Have Ever Worked in"
Magazine Editors Continue to Love Their List Issues
Publishers: You’re Holding All the Content Marketing Chips
It's a Man's World: Men's Adventure Magazines, the Postwar Pulps
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In WIRED, Pluto has a problem —Its thin, nitrogen atmosphere shouldn’t be there. Ultraviolet rays from the sun should have knocked it away, molecule by molecule, in the dwarf planet’s first few thousand years. Four billion years later, Pluto’s atmosphere is still there, a gauzy interplanetary mystery.