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Monday, December 14, 2015

Trends for 2016: Six Predictions for What Will Happen
Mobile will continue to make an impact: Many digital advancements will be made in 2016, from the rise of mobile messaging apps to mobile commerce finally gaining some mojo. Here are eMarketer’s predictions for what will happen next year.
Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year Winners Through the Years
Women's tennis star Serena Williams was named the 2015 winner on Monday: This year Williams won three major titles and completed here second Serena Slam (winning four majors in a row.)
The Best Selling Magazine Covers of 2015 - Which Celebs Ruled
Unsurprisingly, Caitlyn Jenner was newsstand gold in 2015. In addition to selling more than 400,000 copies of Vanity Fair's blockbuster July issue (the magazine's newsstand average for the first half of the year was just 164,000), she covered top-performing issues of Us Weekly and In Touch.
StyleWatch's Brittany Burke and The Cut's Véronique Hyland Speak to HuffPost Live’s Style Panel
FIT teaches us about the history of denim, and Julee and Caitlyn are joined by The Cut's Véronique Hyland and StyleWatch's Brittany Burke to break down our favorite looks and chat about this week's top style stories.
Q&A with Bloomberg Businessweek's Ellen Pollock
"...I always believed the magazine should constantly be changing, although it would be sort of an evolution. I think we're going to stick with that. So you'll see some changes, but again, it will be an evolution." Ellen Pollock, editor in chief.
Bloomberg Businessweek Made Some Data Journalism out of Star Wars
The Force is probably the most recognizable thing from the “Star Wars” universe, but it’s also pretty vague, said Mark Glassman, a writer and data journalist for Bloomberg Businessweek. “But if you do look at it and you start to categorize it, there are aspects to it that are quantifiable, that can tell you meaningful things.”
More on Pineapple, Airbnb’s Magazine
“We’re incredibly proud of Pineapple and the strong reception it received. Those who have launched a magazine know what an iterative process it is—from vision, to content, to distribution,” Airbnb said in a statement.
How Net-a-Porter Plans to "Close the Gap of Impulsivity"
Porter is equally ad- and subscription-supported. The app is free to download, but then users have to pay for the content, which is updated six times a year, in line with the print magazine.
Wine Enthusiast Gets Online Makeover As Mobile-First Site
Wine Enthusiast magazine has redesigned its website with an eye to broadening its audience and taking oenophilia mainstream, the publisher announced this week. The new “mobile first” site will go live later this month with a number of new features, including streamlined navigation and new e-commerce integration.
2016 Year in Preview: Ad targeting Toes the Creepy Line
Indie Magazines, London
Escapism Magazine Devotes Whole Issue to Reality of the Refugee Crisis
Australia’s Oyster Magazine Rebrands Following Acquisition by Inception Digital
CNN International Is Moving Beyond the Click-Through Rate
The End of the Tabloid War
There May Be No Bidders for Yahoo. Here's Why
The Ellie Awards 2016 Call for Entries is now posted at Founded in 1966, the Ellies are one of the most sought-after awards in print and digital journalism—every year nearly 1,800 entries are submitted. More than 100 finalists and winners will be honored at the Annual Ellie Awards Dinner, hosted by ASME, at the Grand Hyatt New York on Monday, February 1, 2016.
February 01 - 02, 2016
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"You have five minutes to leave the house or we'll burn you in it." —That was the warning the shabiha, thugs supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, gave to Salma* and her family in October of 2012. Salma, her husband, and their four children had been incarcerated in a relative's home for 10 grueling months, most of the time unable to venture into the blasted city streets even to get food. They had become trapped amid crossfire between Assad's army and the rebels while visiting Salma's brother, who lived just a short drive from their own home in Homs, Syria. But after the regime rolled tanks into the city and posted armed guards in office buildings, nowhere in Homs was safe. They fled to live among family in rural Damascus. From there, they began an arduous journey to Jordan, where they would attempt to rebuild their lives...