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Monday, October 24, 2016

AIM Acquires Wellness Organization
“Peter, Kathie and their team have created a remarkable company that has played a key role in building the modern-day fitness industry,” said AIM CEO and president Andy Clurman, in a statement. “They have done this by supporting fitness professionals with incredible events, educational content through multiple print and digital channels (magazines, membership, digital libraries, newsletters, video and online courses), and liability insurance.”
Bonnier, Rodale, TEN Add 65 Pubs to Flipboard
Flipboard allows users to create their own digital “magazines” on the platform, aggregating news stories, images and videos, as well as lets users access individual articles from publisher partners on the app.
How Quartz Makes Sure It's a Global Brand
Quartz is different because its readership has been global from Day One, and its readers tend to be decision-makers and have above-average incomes. Quartz monetizes its audience proportionately, so 44 percent of its ad revenue was billed against non-U.S. inventory last year.
Laura Brown Talks New InStyle Strategy
In an exclusive interview with BoF, the newly minted editor-in-chief reveals her plans for the celebrity-style bible.
Good Housekeeping Could Do What the FDA Has Failed at: Defeat Food Label Anarchy
Good Housekeeping announced a "Nutritionist Approved" emblem that will appear on products that can help Americans make "better food choices on-the-go," Good Housekeeping stated. The emblem will be put into effect immediately.
The Associate Member Spotlight: 5 Questions with Rob Ristagno of The Sterling Woods Group
"Winning requires diversification of digital revenue streams. I firmly believe publishers have a major advantage here, provided they leverage their two largest assets: exceptional content and a loyal audience." -Rob Ristagno, founder and CEO, The Sterling Woods Group.
Epicurious Re-Cooks the App Recipe
Epicurious 6.0 is being rebuilt from scratch—“every line of code,” says Eric Gillin, executive director, Epicurious, and Head of Product, FIG. Key to Epicurious’s app success will be how much both it and Apple have learned about app users.
MPA Magazine Media Spotlight: The New Republic
The Perils of Peak Attention: Two new books assess the quality of our digital lives... How do we shake off the village when we carry the world in our pocket? -Tom Vanderbilt reviews and reports.
Rising Stars: Bon Appétit’s Julia Kramer Takes a Bite out of the Top U.S. Eateries
Julia Kramer has several goals for the future, but one of her personal ambitions is to trick her body into thinking that it needs “a truly massive volume of food in order to survive.” The senior project editor at Bon Appétit has been with the brand for just a few short years, but in that time she’s helped find some of the important voices and powerful mediums that allow Bon Appétit to engage with the world of foodies.
More on David Bunnell, Founder of Tech Magazines PC World and Whose Magazines Were Tech World Must-Reads, Dies at 69
A Magazine Dedicated to the Memory of the Publisher’s Late Son
Headmaster Is a Magazine for Men Who Love Men and Art
Marijuana Magazine Launches in Albuquerque
Q&A with Braden Keith, Editor in Chief, SwimSwam Magazine
From Child Soldier to Creative Chief: DDB's Amir Kassaei's Hard-Knocks Guide to An Ad Career
What the Potential Burberry and Coach Merger Says About Luxury Retail
"What The New York Times Gave Up When They Forced Me to Digital"
AT&T, Time Warner to Merge into New Media Behemoth
Your brand is connecting with consumers 24/7 across diverse platforms. Are you leveraging and monetizing those consumer relationships in the most effective ways? Join your peers for a half-day program exploring best practices and success stories in the areas of e-commerce, membership models, events, retail innovation and more. Timing: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Hearst Tower Auditorium 300 W. 57th Street, NYC 8:30am - 12:45pm Check-in and continental breakfast begins at 8:30am Rates: MPA/ASME Magazine Media Member Rate: $295 Associate Member Rate: $345 Nonmember Rate: $445
MPA–The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook today, the definitive source of magazine media research. Since 1985, MPA has been compiling and packaging the most compelling and comprehensive facts and figures around magazine media. Derived from third-party sources and MPA’s own research and data collection, the new Factbook has nearly 100 pages of current and useful information. “Nothing informs a discussion better than solid data,” said MPA’s President and Chief Executive Officer Linda Thomas Brooks, “and the 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook has plenty of conversation starters. The research continues to show that magazine media is the most trusted, inspiring and influential of all media, and several new studies provide even more proof of magazine media’s unique ability to drive sales.”
Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leader in helping CPG marketers optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) with in-store purchase data, presented the study, “Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms?” at the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 2016 conference. The study generated benchmarks that allow marketers to compare the return they should expect from every dollar of their cross-media, digital video, display, linear TV and magazine advertising spending. In its analysis, NCS worked with The Advertising Research Foundation, CBS Corporation, Meredith Corporation, Sequent Partners and a prominent technology and display advertising company.
Magazines: Highest Return on Advertising Spend
November 09, 2016
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The Perils of Peak Attention: Two new books assess the quality of our digital lives... How do we shake off the village when we carry the world in our pocket? -Tom Vanderbilt reviews and reports.