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Friday, January 6, 2017

Cover Story: The Atlantic's "My President" Is Back!
Who says print is dead? For the second time in six months, The Atlantic is reprinting an issue of its magazine: The January/February 2017 edition featuring the “My President Was Black”cover story paying tribute to Barack Obama’s presidency. The Atlantic said it is reprinting 40,000 copies of the issue due to a surge in subscriptions and to restock newsstands that sold out.
For Vanity Fair’s Hive, It’s All About the Cheddar
Vanity Fair’s The Hive will debut a weekly show with Cheddar on media, technology, politics and business.
Under Its New CEO, New York Magazine Is Branching Out into More “Voice-y News Products”
“We’re making sure that we’re appropriately marketing directly to consumers and really selling subscriptions at full price.” pulled in 28 million monthly unique visitors in November, a new record for the company and up 80 percent over the (non-election-year) 2015.
More on Conde Nast to Sell Merchandise with Iconic Brand Images
“These images have unprecedented value,” Cathy Hoffman Glosser, Condé Nast’s senior vice president for licensing told the NYT. “We want these assets to become more accessible.”
Charlie Hebdo Journalist Quits after Magazine "Goes Soft"
Zineb El Rhazoui accused the weekly of bowing to Islamic extremists and no longer daring to draw the prophet Muhammad. Her parting shot comes on the eve of the second anniversary of the jihadi massacre in Paris that almost wiped out the magazine’s staff. “Charlie Hebdo died on 7 January [2015],” the day the gunmen attacked the magazine, killing 12 people, Rhazoui told Agence France-Presse.
Mobissue Introduces Free Magazine Maker with Free Cloud Platform
The Kelly Awards are given to agency creative teams, advertising clients and magazine media publishers whose campaigns demonstrate both creative excellence and effectiveness in meeting campaign objectives. Award categories include: Best Print Magazine Creative, Best Magazine Media Creative/Campaign and Best Custom Magazine Media Program. Winners will be announced at the American Magazine Media Conference in New York City on February 8, 2017. Deadline is January 6, 2017. Apply now!
MPA–The Association of Magazine Media has released its 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook today, the definitive source of magazine media research. Since 1985, MPA has been compiling and packaging the most compelling and comprehensive facts and figures around magazine media. Derived from third-party sources and MPA’s own research and data collection, the new Factbook has nearly 100 pages of current and useful information. “Nothing informs a discussion better than solid data,” said MPA’s President and Chief Executive Officer Linda Thomas Brooks, “and the 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook has plenty of conversation starters. The research continues to show that magazine media is the most trusted, inspiring and influential of all media, and several new studies provide even more proof of magazine media’s unique ability to drive sales.”
February 08, 2017
Conrad New York
Contact Alison Heisler, or 212-872-3740, for details and custom opportunities.
February 08, 2017
Conrad New York

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