IMAG Members

Within the world of magazine media brands, MPA has carved out a community of independent publishers to facilitate peer-to-peer convening, sharing and learning. MPA’s Independent publishers, better known as the IMAG brands, are fueled by the passionate interests of enthusiast audiences. The entrepreneurial leaders of IMAG companies have navigated the transition from traditional magazine company to 360° magazine media brand with creativity and innovation.
Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau
Chief Executive Officer and Publisher
Technology Review, Inc.
Lorelei Calvert
General Manager
Texas Monthly, Inc.
Michael Carney
Chief Operating Officer Publishing and Branded Media
Outdoor Sportsman Group
Tracy Cho
Domino Media Group
Andrew Clurman
President and CEO
Active Interest Media, Inc.
Vanessa Cognard
Vice President. Publisher
Jonathan Dorn
Chief Innovation Officer and President, Active Living Group
Active Interest Media, Inc.
Vince Errico
Chief Digital Officer
Trusted Media Brands
Donna Kessler
Morris Communications Company, LLC
Simon Leslie
Ink Global
Fran Middleton
America's Test Kitchen
Kevin Mullan
TEN Publishing
Erin O'Mara
The Nation LLC
Philip Penny
Belvoir Media Group LLC
Ryan Shea
President/Chief Operating Officer
Entrepreneur Media Inc.
Laura Simkins
Chief Operating Officer
Jamie Trowbridge
President & CEO
Yankee Publishing Incorporated
Amy Wilkins
Chief Revenue Officer
Smithsonian Institution