Data Privacy

Reader trust powers the magazine media industry, and the responsible use of consumer data is one important way that magazine publishers maintain and create high levels of reader trust. Magazine media brands leverage the responsible use of consumer data to deliver to readers the insightful, meaningful and world-changing content they expect. Data enables magazine publishers to understand their readers’ interests and preferences in order to personalize content, to broaden their reach to new readers, to create new and innovative content offerings, and to offer data-driven advertising to subsidize content and to connect readers with products and services that appeal to them.

MPA supports a national privacy framework that ensures consumers have clear, enforceable data privacy protections; control over the use of their personal information; and greater transparency into businesses’ data protection practices, while preserving the benefits that come from the responsible use of data. MPA believes that consumers are best served by a single national data privacy law instead of a patchwork of potentially conflicting state laws. MPA promotes lawmaker awareness of issues specific to the magazine media industry and the unique trusted relationship that magazine media brands foster through their first-party relationship with their readers.