Advertising Overview

From the implementation of online advertising restrictions to new regulations on Native Advertising and Direct-to-Consumer pharmaceutical advertising, MPA is engaged on a wide range of legislative and regulatory proposals surrounding advertising issues on Capitol Hill, state legislatures and various federal agencies including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why it Matters to MPA and Our Members: 

  • Virtually every economist agrees that advertising is a vital component of economic growth. Advertising gives businesses the opportunity to communicate directly with consumers and gives consumers the opportunity to compare products and services.
  • Advertising is a vital component of the magazine business which can account for up to 75% of the industry‚Äôs annual revenue in a given year.
  • MPA members publish some of the most recognizable and powerful magazine brands in the world that have a proven, unique ability to connect with consumers and serve as the cornerstone of cross-platform advertising.

MPA DC Staff Contacts: 
Rita Cohen: [email protected]