Intellectual Property Issues

MPA members are multi-platform publishers who create content for print, online and mobile platforms. As magazine media companies develop new ways to connect and enhance their reader’s brand experience through digital and mobile platforms, and as our members continue to move into a broader array of distribution platforms, protection of intellectual property is of ever increasing importance. As such, MPA plays an important role defending our member’s intellectual property interests, and is particularly active in areas related to copyright and patent ownership.

Why it Matters to MPA and Our Members: 

  • Copyright: MPA members publish some of the nation’s best known and most loved magazines,  who are responsible for producing some of the most memorable editorial works and iconic images of our time. Because magazine publishers are both creators and users of copyrighted works, generally - MPA is actively engaged in efforts that protect the ownership rights of our members as content creators, while defending their ability to make lawful  use of copyrighted works.
  • Patent Reform: Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in the abusive actions of patent assertion entities, also known as patent trolls. The issue of patent trolls in the United States has become particularly problematic in the technology space where new ideas and developments are occurring at a rapid pace and patents may be less tangible. Several magazine media companies have faced, and continue to face harassment from patent trolls. MPA has taken an active role in supporting efforts that curtail these abusive practices that are stifling innovation and exploiting the U.S. patent system.

MPA DC Staff Contacts: 
Rita Cohen: [email protected]