Why Become an Associate Member?

MPA provides a breadth of opportunities for associate members to increase brand awareness and visibility among magazine media leaders, and is the only organization that supports the entire magazine media ecosystem.

MPA's member communications provide regular news and intelligence that inform and help grow your business. From senior level conferences to custom webinars,  Associate Members have access to industry thought leaders and decision makers. 
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For information about associate membership, contact Alison Heisler, VP, Strategic Partnerships & Associate Membership, 203-858-6631 or [email protected]

Get Involved

Associate Member Spotlight
Associate Members have the opportunity to stand out in our Spotlight series. 

Whether you have a new product to promote, new research to discuss, or want to share more about your business in general, the Associate Member Spotlight provides an intimate look into your business.

Each new feature is heavily promoted to our full membership as well as shared publicly on our social media channels.

MPA Daily News Roundup
With a daily audience of more than 8,000 MPA members, agencies and advertisers, the MPA Daily News Roundup is a must-read among magazine media professionals. 

Associate members have exclusive access to the Roundup to include press releases, share current news items and stay plugged into the day-to-day activity in the industry.

MPA Events
Convening magazine media industry leaders and decision makers is a key mission of MPA. 

Whether integrating Associate Members into our annual events or designing a custom program, we work with each partner individually to create an experience that will deliver results.

Opportunities include exhibits at conferences, thought-leadership presentations, invitation-only dinners and webinars, or let our events team create something specific to your needs.

"MPA is deeply engrained in the community and gives us access to decision makers at the top magazine brands. MPA events draw our current clients and our prospective clients, giving us the opportunity to form new relationships and write new business. It is imperative that we be involved."

-Jim Anderson, CEO, SocialFlow
(pictured left)