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March 6, 2019

BuzzFeed Prints a One-off Magazine

“Runner’s World once calculated that I’d run 105,000 miles. That’s four times around the world.”

- Bruce Dern in Men’s Journal

Thinking of going vegan? Here's everything you need to know.

- Taste of Home


What Happens to a Magazine Deferred?

American Bystander, published for just one issue in the 1980s, is back. It was worth the wait.


How Cannabis Magazine Broccoli Is Conquering the World in 2019

The news of print media’s demise has been greatly exaggerated—at least in the cannabis space.


Time to Restore an Investment Approach to Media

"Because people use so many forms of communication throughout the day, we need to employ more types of media. But every time we add something new to the mix, we must take something away." writes Kyle Allen.


Brands Lose Up to an Estimated $50 Billion Annually From Ad Fraud

About three-quarters of U.S. fraudulent advertising traffic is “sophisticated” invalid traffic, according to data released on Tuesday.


European Publishers: "We’ve Made a Huge Mistake"—Sounding Off on Subscriptions and Tech Talent Shortages

“As premium publishers, we’ve made a huge mistake in allowing consumers to believe they can consume content for free. I can have the biggest brand but still be competing with all the content for free online. Two years ago, we gave away content on Facebook Instant Articles; it increased traffic but revenue was significantly cannibalized.”


Inside The Cut’s First Crowd-Programmed, Day-Long Event

A dispatch from the sold-out How I Get It Done Day.



Q&A with Bonnier's Eric Zinczenko, Magazine Media Industry Leader (and Goalie)

"Eric is the CEO of the Bonnier Corporation, a multimedia giant with brands such as Popular Science, Outdoor Life, Cycle World and Field and Stream. He said he is very passionate about authentic content from a trusted source and that he has faith in the consumer that they want to continue to get their news from vetted, professional journalists. Eric has attended the Stanford Executive Management program and is about to attend the Harvard Advanced Management Program, of which only 80 CEOs from around the world are selected to attend. Not bad for an old goalie, eh?"


"Departures Magazine Is Bringing in a New Leader for Its Fashion Coverage."

Alessandra Codinha has been named the magazine’s new style director, starting next week.


Slate Picks a Skilled Storyteller As Its New Top Editor

Slate, the online publication known for counterintuitive analysis and its many podcasts, has chosen a specialist in narrative journalism as its next editor in chief.


Want Subscriber Growth? Compensate Your Content Teams Appropriately

As publishers migrate behind paywalls, it is essential that they hold onto and reward those who convert visitors into subscribers.


"Print Can Do This; Digital Can Do That"...From a 1964 TV Guide Magazine

Dr. Husni writes "As I was doing some research for my upcoming presentation at The Sixth Floor (JFK) Museum in Dallas, Texas on the power of the magazine cover, I stumbled upon an article in a January 25-31, 1964 edition of TV Guide where they devoted a major section of the magazine, including an introduction by President Lyndon B. Johnson, to the four days following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."


Announcing the 2019 ASME–Yale Publishing Course Scholarship

The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of a full-tuition scholarship for the 2019 Yale Publishing Course: Leadership Strategies in Print and Digital Media. The course will be held July 21-26, 2019, at the Yale School of Management (SOM) in New Haven, Connecticut. The deadline to apply for the ASME scholarship is April 7, 2019. Only ASME members or editors working for them are eligible to receive this full-tuition scholarship. Complete the online application here.


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