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 September 24, 2018 
 “Danish people saw us as savages. Even though our colonization wasn’t that violent, it’s been very hard for people to meet each
other again when they saw us as animals.”

- Niviaq Korneliussen in 1843
Inside Fortune's 2018 Most Powerful
Women in Business list #FortuneMPW
- Fortune
Industry Tries to Avoid a Repeat of GDPR Scramble
On December 3 in New York, the MPA will host an event to educate members and non-members on the privacy law.

Conde Nast Launches Women's Video Network
The network debuts after the NewFronts next season, Condé Nast also announced the anchor of the Women’s Video Network.

TIME: The Digital Age Became Unlikely Savior
Samir Husni said "Time still sells 2 million copies a week and is profitable. Divorced from the...demands of Wall Street, Time can thrive..."

Weight Watchers Is Changing Its Name to WW
CEO Mindy Grossman said in a statement that WW wants people to also focus on eating healthier, exercising and a positive mind-set.

Man Golf Digest Freed Survived Thanks to "Shawshank Redemption"
A wrongly convicted man — who spent nearly three decades in prison said he was able to keep his hopes up thanks to a quote from “The Shawshank Redemption.”

The Best Magazine Covers Ever?
Ian Birch writes "The industry has spent millions over the decades trying to find the magic cover formula."
Paper Industry Officials Optimistic About the Future
"Papermaking is strong, and this is an industry that is here to stay," president of the Wisconsin Paper Council Scott Suder said.

UK Study from Magnetic Reveals Magazines' Role in Influencing Buying Habits
Magnetic surveyed 738 consumers at different stages in the buying journey.

The MPA Magazine Media Factbook 2018 Is Here
Featuring 20% more independent research, statistics and facts that articulate the power of magazine media.

February 5   American Magazine Media Conference 2019

New York Media Launches New York Stories

Science News for Students Launches Climate Change Chronicles

Meredith to Sell TIME Media Brand to Marc and Lynne Benioff

Glamour: Hasan Minhaj Is TV's Fresh New Voice

Rihanna Graces Cover of Allures's Annual "Best of Beauty" Issue

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