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April 10, 2020


INDUSTRY NEWS…What we are up to


Magazine Publishers See Print Sales Boost Due to Coronavirus Magazine publishers got an unexpected boost in sales last month in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Executives at a number of publishers, including Condé Nast, Meredith and Hearst, saw sales increases as people bought more reading material as they expected to remain at home for long periods of time. NY Post (4/7)

Digital Edition Providers See Opportunity in Print Disruption Amid Covid-19

With magazine publishers bracing for a likely downturn in single-copy sales as the COVID-19 pandemic forces the closures of newsstands and retail outlets across the country, providers of digital-replica editions are sensing an opportunity to onboard new clients. Folio (4/6)

Texas Monthly Eliminates Paywall for 2020, Cites Need for Service Journalism

Texas Monthly is lifting the paywall on its website for the rest of 2020 noting "“Texans have always connected over shared stories, and that’s more important than ever right now”. MediaPost(4/8)

Wired Sees Subscription Bump Despite Lifting its Paywall on COVID-19 Content

In mid-March, Wired joined fellow Condé Nast titles… in opening up free access to its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic… A few weeks later, the shift is predictably driving significant increases in digital traffic. Less predictably, Wired says it’s seeing a boost to its subscription business, as well. Folio (4/9)

For its must-read coronavirus coverage, The Atlantic is rewarded with a huge surge of digital subscriptions

A focus on big-swing stories and “high-intensity, highly fraught journalism” let the magazine put up traffic and subscription numbers more expected from a top national newspaper. Nieman Lab (4/6)

Condé Nast Lifts Paywalls as Pandemic Keeps People Home

Condé Nast, whose print and digital titles include Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour and Bon Appetit, has undertaken a global effort to reach online audiences as the coronavirus pandemic keeps billions of people stuck at home, looking for news and entertainment. MediaPost (4/2)


As a Paywall Alternative, Asks for Reader Donations to Fund Coronavirus Coverage

 Vox Media news site is trying a twist on the paywall: Asking readers to donate to support freely available coronavirus coverage. Digiday (4/9)


AARP, Governor Newsom, CA Department of Aging Introduce COVID-19 Resource Card

AARP is releasing the California For All Resource Card, a one-stop information guide on COVID-19 for ALL Californians – but especially designed for older adults. Yahoo! News (4/6)


Publishing During a Pandemic: Interview with Trusted Media Brands President & CEO Bonnie Kintzer

Bonnie Kintzer, President and CEO, Trusted Media Brands recently interviewed by Samir Husni stated that “There’s nothing here that says that our business model needs to change. In some ways, quite the opposite, you could say that out business model is strongest during times like this where we have the direct relationship with the consumer.” Mr. Magazine™ (4/6)


Publishing During a Pandemic: Interview with Hearst Magazines President Troy Young

Troy Young, President of Hearst Magazines was recently interviewed by Samir Husni: “It’s time for us to be leaders. We have to be insanely creative in how we work and how we understand value as we’re creating. We have to be more innovative than ever, and there are going to be times that it’s really hard.” Mr. Magazine™ (4/3)


Publishing During a Pandemic: Interview with Active Interest Media President & CEO Andy Clurman

Andy Clurman, President and CEO of AIM says in an interview with Samir Husni: “I think the message is all of us are in this business and in different sections of the business because we have a mission and we’re driven by what we think is a valuable service to our audience, our marketing partners, and the community that we have as a team in our company”. Mr. Magazine™ (4/1)


10 Magazine Covers that Offer Creative Takes on the Coronavirus Crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its spread across the globe, art directors and artists are using magazine covers as a visual commentary on the crisis. Dezeen (4/9)

Time’s Latest Magazine Covers Celebrate Workers On Coronavirus Front Lines The new issue focuses on the stories of nurses, paramedics, grocery store employees, and first responders who are hard at work during the coronavirus pandemic. Huffington Post (4/9)