January 22, 2021

Hearst’s CDS Global Makes an Identity Play with Single Sign-on Solution
Hearst magazines' revamped identity resolution system, called Mylo, works as a single sign-on that works on every site that has integrated it. A user who registers to read content on ‘Esquire’ would not need to log in separately to view content on ‘Cosmopolitan’. Digiday 1/12

Meredith's Online Activity Rises 13% To Record High
Meredith's digital group saw a record number of online sessions, surpassing the prior record set in April. The growth was across titles, according to Google Analytics. MediaPost 1/12

‘AARP Bulletin’ Details How Older Americans Can Help Defeat COVID
The January/February issue offers a vaccine guide and the most proven methods for everyday virus protection. AARP 1/5

'Atlantic' To Launch 'Inheritance' Project On Black American History
The ‘Atlantic’ project is launching a years-long reporting project dedicated to “American history, Black life and the resilience of memory." MediaPost 12/28

Conde Nast's 'Epicurious' Edits Archives for Cultural Bias
Since July, staff at ‘Epicurious', a resource site for home cooks, has been scouring 55 years’ worth of recipes in search of objectionable titles, ingredient lists, and stories told through a white American lens as part of the Archive Repair Project. Associated Press 12/24

Trusted Media Brands CEO Bonnie Kintzer on the Journey to Digital-First 
Kintzer discusses how the publisher’s direct customer relationships and a high volume of digital traffic became a dual foundation that allowed Trusted Media Brands to reimagine itself as a digital-first multiplatform media company. AdExchanger 12/23

Interview with David Parry, President and CEO of A360 Media
According to Parry: “Magazines have always been, and continue to be, a great source of comfort for consumers during the most difficult of times. There is something out there for everyone, no matter your interest.” Mr. Magazine 12/23 

‘Pivot to Virtual’ Changes Publishers’ Events Strategies
Publishers, including Hearst, have significantly expanded their horizons, with global audiences and technology affording opportunities for innovative virtual events. What’s New in Publishing 1/7

Can Publishers Profit from High-Growth Podcast Merchandise?
With the market for podcast merchandise said to be doubling every year, publishers are using podcasts to broaden their reach, including ‘The New York Times’’ ‘The Daily’ and ‘National Geographic’s’ ‘Overheard.’ Wall Street Journal 1/4MediaPost 1/5

Pew Research: More than Eight in Ten Americans Get News from Digital Devices
More than eight-in-ten U.S. adults (86%) say they get news from a smartphone, computer or tablet “often” or “sometimes,” including 60% who say they do so often. About a third (32%) say the same of print (10% get news from print publications often). Pew Research 1/12