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Is Your Brand Member Worthy?

Patrick Taylor | October 1, 2018
There are an endless number of brands pursuing the “Members Only” model (which recently re-launched), trying to create a special bond between themselves and their loyal audiences. Read more here.

USPS’s Flats Sequencing System Comes Under Scrutiny

FOLIO: | August 28, 2018
Folio: sat down with Rita Cohen SVP, Legislative & Regulatory Policy, MPA to learn more about the issue, and how it might impact the magazine industry: "What we are looking for is affordable postal prices, and affordable prices depends on efficient processing and appropriate cost," said Cohen. Read more here.

Are We Asking the Wrong Questions About Magazines? Linda Thomas Brooks Thinks So

FOLIO: | August 16, 2018
A Q&A with the president and CEO of the MPA on print advertising and the state of magazine media. Read more here.

Highlights From Linda Thomas Brooks At The ACT 8 Experience

Mr. Magazine™ | May 7, 2018
Linda’s presentation began with a conversation about the power of magazine media. Linda came to her job as president and CEO of MPA after having been immersed in digital media for about 15 years, so as she eloquently put it, she knows what digital does well. But she also knows what magazines do well. And she totally understands what the two can do together, because as Linda put it that opening evening, “Magazine media lives in multiple formats.” Read more here.