‘Men Can’t Sit Back While Women Fight Alone for Reproductive Rights’

New York, NY—June 3, 2019— “Men always say they cherish women,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo writes. “But more often than not they don’t want to cherish, they want to control.” For Glamour, Cuomo pens an op-ed in reaction to the increasing number of restrictive abortion bills across the country.

As a practicing Catholic with two daughters, he shares his thoughts of opposition to the legislation and reacts particularly to those who use faith-based reasoning to justify the restrictive bans: “We live in a democratic, secular state, where the burden is not to find a way to impose your faith on others. It’s the exact opposite—democracy is about making sure nobody can enforce their beliefs on you or anyone else,” he writes, as he acknowledges that life ‘begins’ at varying points in varying religions. “You might think you win today if you’re Christian and your beliefs inform our jurisprudence on a woman’s control of her own body—but what happens when this country is majority atheist, or majority Muslim, or majority something else and they turn and put your beliefs on you? That’s why you don’t play that game.”

Finding the balance and the full separation of Church and State has not always been easy for Cuomo, especially as a parent raising children with faith-based principles. He admits to being skeptical when his 16-year-old daughter wanted to march in support of abortion rights, but as the world has evolved and his children grow, he’s come to understand her point of view. “Now, I tell her: You do whatever you want as long as it’s on your own terms. And if you’re not sure, you can talk to me or talk to your mom…But I’ve also told her I will fight with her.”

He ends his essay with a call to action. “As men, we must listen to women’s fears, concerns, and considerations. We cannot be deafened only by the sound of faith. If you are a man of faith, consider whether or not it’s right to thrust your religion on others. Start there. If you’re not doing everything your faith tells you to do every damn day, be very slow to talk about how anyone else should live.”

The full piece can be found here.