Made It!

By Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media 

In 2018, my New Year’s resolution was to run 1,000 miles. Early in the morning on December 28—just a few days before the start of 2019—I hit my goal. Some of those miles were easy; more than a few were rough!  And sometimes I was forced to critically study the foundations of my running.  Is it time for new shoes, a new route or a new training regimen?  And importantly, did I mark the accomplishments—not only at the end but along the way—with appropriate celebration?

As I start the New Year, and start logging miles to reach another 1,000, part of my resolution is to continue asking those questions.  Reviewing those foundational issues is important in my professional life too.  Every day the magazine media industry hits new milestones.  As an industry, we’re hard on ourselves (and each other) when we stumble.  Do we spend enough time celebrating the accomplishments and learning from one another?

There’s no better place, or group of people, to help explore our foundational issues than the group of magazine media luminaries who come together at the American Magazine Media Conference.  This year’s event is on February 5th, and it’s a ‘don’t miss’ whether you want to explore or celebrate. It’s a place to praise magazine media’s accomplishments loudly and proudly.  It’s the place to share ideas and build bold visions for the future.  And it’s a place where we can address challenges together so that we can all thrive.

It’s a pretty basic foundation of good business to stay informed, keep connected and celebrate success, but that doesn’t mean we always do it. We all get very busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and we have a bottom line to deliver. Yet it’s important to keep that discipline, and I have a simple way for you to get started: Join us at the American Magazine Media Conference on February 5. 

Finally, when we applaud the excellence in our industry, we remind ourselves why we are here. At AMMC we will celebrate advertising campaigns with Kelly Awards, outstanding creative with the ASME Best Cover Contest, successful new initiatives with the Magazine Launch of the Year, and individual distinction with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I hope you will join me at AMMC.