MPA provides a wealth of current research and industry insights to support your brand—from audience measurement to original research on web, mobile and video. Studies from MPA and third-party sources provide answers about magazine media and support the power of the industry.

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MPA Responds to Mary Meeker's 2017 Trend Report

This data ignores the fact that magazine brands live across formats and channels. Therefore magazine media make up vast parts of the internet and mobile experience and are part of that 'time spent' too. More...

Print Campaign Analysis

Millward Brown
“meta-analysis “ that shows print advertising results in the greatest increases in persuasion metrics—brand favorability and purchase intent—compared to other platforms.

What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Why Print Magazine Advertising Works?

Scott McDonald, Ph.D. | Nomos Research
This white paper explores the possibility that our brains may process paper-based information differently from information transmitted on screens. More...